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What are We Going to Do Differently this Year?

What are we going to do differently this year? This is a question that each salesperson can answer personally and the team can decide on as a whole.  There's no point in repeating past sales mistakes and there's every reason to keep repeating sales activities that brought in the desired results. Re-affirming and sharing what worked and what didn't work is a great way to begin your sales year on a positive note. Document the three main points from your team discussion and ... Read more

5 Tips to Attract New Customers

5 Tips to Attract New Customers    Finding new methods to increase revenue is a fundamental challenge for every business. If you’re looking for ways to attract new business or service new clients, here are 5 tips to turn prospects into paying customers:   Give something away Everyone loves a freebie. When incentives are given to loyal clients, the chance of getting a good referral increases. With your current customers sharing their experience with your company with others, your list of prospects increases too.   Network Interpersonal ... Read more

3 essential steps to creating an effective marketing plan

3 essential steps to creating an effective marketing plan      Everyone knows that a business plan is important, yet many people tend to ignore marketing plans even though they are just as vital a tool for a successful business. Unlike a business plan, a marketing plan’s main focus is on winning and keeping customers. It is a detailed and strategic plan that includes numbers, facts and objectives. This may come across as intimidating, but your marketing plan does not have to be lengthy ... Read more

Lower your marketing costs in just 3 steps

Lower your marketing costs in just 3 steps    Marketing costs are one of the most limiting yet important aspects of maintaining a successful business. Most budding entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to minimise their marketing costs. So how do you limit certain processes without sacrificing reach? Here are a few ways to accomplish this:   Focus on inbound marketing When a business advertises “at” their customers, this can be referred to as outbound marketing. It includes paid ads that are aimed at attracting ... Read more

Top 6 Do’s in Your Email Signature

Top 6 Do’s in Your Email Signature  We have all heard many stories of how different companies set up their email signatures. The format of your email signature should not just include the obligatory name and phone number. It’s a great opportunity to share contact details and marketing messages. Here are the top 5 suggestions and best practices to enact when it comes to creating your email signature.   Treat your email signature format as part of your marketing campaign Your email signature format ... Read more

3 Ways To Get Audiences To Engage On Your Marketing Content 

3 Ways To Get Audiences To Engage On Your Marketing Content    The prime focus of local business owners should be to increase customer engagement. One of the best ways to pull this off is through content marketing. Business owners are beginning to find this effective and have subsequently increased their content marketing in the past few years. Content is nothing without engagement.  Here are three strategies to help focus on this matter.   Get your audience to comment It may seem like an extreme ... Read more

Curb the “burnout” and get excited about work again

Curb the “burnout” and get excited about work again  The energy and passion for your work is just not the same anymore. Everything in your working environment frustrates you and you begin to question what you’re doing here. Sounds familiar? You may be experiencing what is termed as a burnout. This particularly impacts production negatively, but fortunately, there are ways to turn things around. Take a break and refocus Create distance between your feelings of burnout and your need to rebuild. Start with changing ... Read more

3 Effective Ways To Promote Your Business Using Social Media

3 Effective Ways To Promote Your Business Using Social Media    Social media sites Such as Twitter, Facebook and many others offer you direct connections with an unlimited pool of potential customers. While email marketing can be a great way to build long-term relationships with your existing customer base, and should not be set aside completely, social media is more immediate in its results. It offers a bigger platform for you to promote your brand and gives you access to a larger potential ... Read more

4 Benefits internal training offers your business

4 Benefits internal training offers your business Up-skilling your employees is a great way of growing your business exponentially. When your staff feel like their contributions are of value and acknowledged, the collective effort put into driving your business improves. The benefits to your business are potentially endless, but here are the top five reasons why you should invest in internal staff training:   Productivity increases: With your staff learning how to execute their tasks more efficiently, more will get done and improvements will ... Read more

5 Useful Tips for marketing yourself and your team at a networking event

5 Useful Tips for marketing yourself and your team at a networking event Networking events present a variety of opportunities for individuals and organisations as a whole. Here are some useful tips to get the most out of networking events. #1 - Hashtags Use twitter to get your event hashtags out there.  While at the event, the hashtag provides a platform for you to interact with people who share your interests online.  Prior to an event, many of the people who plan on attending ... Read more
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