Business Intelligence
Get visibility. Move business forward.

With a foundation of real-time business visibility, actionable insight is put into the hands of sales, marketing and service managers and executives. Solve problems, seize opportunities and refine everyday processes for more effective use of people, budget and time.

Maximizer CRM includes daily dashboards plus over 175 out-of-the-box reports including Crystal Reports® and Microsoft SQL Reporting Services (SRS) templates to make insight quantifiable, improving the bottom line.

Key Benefits of Business Intelligence with Maximizer CRM

  • Gain accurate insight into company performance
  • Visualise key performance indicators at a glance
  • Make better decisions faster
  • Be proactive rather than reactive
  • Leverage Crystal Reports® and Microsoft SQL Reporting Services standards

Make Better Decisions Faster with the Executive Dashboard

  • Daily Dashboard: Visualise key performance indicators (KPIs) through a personalised dashboard to see a real-time snapshot of company performance.Then drill-down to detailed reports for deeper analysis.
  • Alerts: Identify areas of your business that need immediate attention by setting up alerts to notify executives when a KPI reaches a critical level.ii

Focus on Decision-Making and Action with Reports

  • Out-of-the-box Reports: Over 175 pre-formatted reports Maximizer, Crystal Reports, and Microsoft SQL Reports formats) include sales pipeline funnel, lead summary, win/loss analysis, campaign status, case assignment, and case billing.
  • On-the-Fly Reports: Flexibly choose from different views to group and sort data and display the results however you want and create your own reports on-the-fly.
  • Export reports: Instantly export report data to Microsoft® Excel® for further analysis and manipulation.
  • Share reports: Send reports to colleagues and managers in easy to share file formats, including PDF, Word, HTML, and XML.
  • Radius 90i: with the new collaborative reporting platform for Microsoft SQL Reporting Services, CRM business users are able to more easily search, share, collaborate and create reporting assets through a user friendly, Office-like interface.
  • Crystal Reports®: i includes templates in Crystal Reports, plus optional add-ons for designing and sharing reports through the industry-standard reporting tool.

Schedule & Deliver Over the Web with Crystal Reports Server

  • Offload and Deliver: Reduce time spent manually running reports and offload report running to off-peak hours with add-on Crystal Reports Server. Automatically send updated reports to users’ email inbox in specific formats, such as Excel, PDF or RTF.
  • Publish to the web: Easily publish reports to the web and give end-users instant, secure access to reports through a zero-client user interface.


Keep corporate information secure: Crystal Reports Server includes robust security options for user, group, object and folder levels.

i. Crystal Reports (full designer copy) and Radius 90 are both add-on products available through Maximizer Software with additional license fees
ii. Requires Crystal Reports Server or Workflow Automation powered by KnowledgeSync, both add-on products with additional license fees.
iii. Requires Crystal Reports Server or Workflow Automation powered by KnowledgeSync, both add-on products with additional license fees. iv. Crystal Reports Server is an add-on product with additional license fees.

Workflow Automation
Automate Processes and Monitor your Business.

Workflow Automation, powered by KnowledgeSynci, improves responsiveness and makes relevant customer experiences possible by automating processes, alerting managers of problem areas and reducing manual work.

Key Benefits of Workflow Automation with Maximizer CRM

  • Automate repeatable step-by-step processes and improve productivity
  • Identify tasks that require immediate or overdue attention
  • Provide everyone with the up-to-date notifications necessary to work smarter
  • Discover further opportunities for customer interaction

Be notified immediately and act quickly to critical issues

  • Alerts: When staff and managers receive action-oriented alerts via email, PDA or phone, they can respond to time-sensitive milestones or critical incidents no matter where they are. Maximizer CRM  contains over 50 pre-configured alert notifications; or easily configure your own to be alerted on the critical activities in your business.
  • Lead follow-up: Be alerted when a hot lead has not been contacted within a set number of days.
  • Sales Management: Be notified in real-time when a deal is lost or when deals are overdue for closing.
  • Customer Service & Support: Receive an alert when there are multiple cases entered for one customer.

Get Insight on a Regular Schedule or Just-in-Time

  • Schedule Reports: Automatically receive the reports you need to see based on a regular schedule.
  • Trigger Reports: Distribute reports when a certain action occurs. For example, if an account manager abandons or loses more than five opportunities in one week, send a sales territory forecast to the sales manager.

Improve Customers’ Experience with Automated Communications

  • Take Action on Inquiries: Monitor incoming email, identify the customer’s record, route the email to the account manager and save it to the customer’s record.
  • Handle Unsubscribe Requests Automatically: Comply with anti-spam legislation and remove names automatically from your email campaign lists.
  • Automatic Replies: Send an intelligent, automatic response to the sender to provide relevant information and timely response.


i. Workflow Automation is an add-on product with additional license fees.

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