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Why having mobile CRM is so important

Why having mobile CRM is so important It’s no secret that we all love our smartphones. Some of us can recall the days when we used to carry around a Palm Pilot device in addition to our mobile phones so that we could have access to customer information while on the move. Thankfully those days are long gone now that modern smartphones can serve both these purposes, and many more of course. Our trusty Palm Pilots could also only provide us with ... Read more

The 80:20 rule

The 80:20 rule By Mark Annett We’ve spoken about how important it is to identify your top clients. These typically make up about 80% of your turnover, according to the 80:20 rule (Pareto Principle 1906). This rule seems to apply to many other statistics. For instance, it has been noted that 80% of your warehousing space is often used to store old and outdated stock. Roughly 80% of a country’s wealth is owned by less than 20% of the population. Probably closer to ... Read more