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3 Ways to keep clients happy with your business

3 Ways to keep clients happy with your business  Customers generally focus on their needs. As a business owner, it’s imperative to maintain the client’s satisfaction with the product or service you offer. Nurturing relationships with your customers is a crucial part of expanding your brand. It is now easier than ever for customers to complain or shame businesses they have had bad experiences with. Social media platforms could make or break your business with the referrals and comments people may post. ... Read more

Lagom – Create a more balanced working environment

Lagom - Create a more balanced working environment    All businesses strive to attain a balanced system of operations in order for productivity to run smoothly. Lagom is just that, a state of being sufficiently balanced, but that doe not necessarily mean that everything is equal. Instead, lagom refers to having just the right amount of something for any given situation.   As expected, lagom takes practice. Companies need to be open to the process of “trial and error” before reaching a state of lagom. ... Read more

3 Secrets of social media marketing everyone overlooks

3 Secrets of social media marketing everyone overlooks  Business owners need to recognise the difference between personal social media use and professional use. Social media platforms like Facebook, appeal to large audiences. It’s easy to manage the image you portray to one person, but the overall brand image exposed to more than one person per day can get a bit hectic. The dramatic difference between the two approaches catches many business owners off-guard. Here are 3 tips to help deal with this ... Read more

Video Marketing is a must for business in 2018

Video Marketing is a must for business in 2018    Video consumption continues to rise online. Businesses that are able to utilise this method will be one-step-ahead from the rest. All of the developments around video marketing predict an era where digital videos will be more imperative for the success of business owners. Consumers’ general preference for video forced many companies to adjust their content strategies to include video content. People watch video content more frequently than what the average person will view non-visual, ... Read more

Protect your CRM data from hackers

Protect your CRM data from hackers    CRM systems have become one of the pivotal aspects of how a company implements its processes. They are more than just organisational tools. They also serve as an aid for maintaining good relationships with customers, as well as finding prospective clients, collectively generating revenue for a business.  Considering the fortress of information that the average CRM systems have become, it is potentially a perfect target for hackers to exploit. If the CRM data that your company hosts ... Read more

Prepare Your Business For CRM Adoption

Prepare Your Business For CRM Adoption    CRM systems help to improve customer service, maintaining accurate records, augmenting sales forecasts and taking your marketing to a new level. But, there is that uncertainty when predetermining the process that lies ahead. The success of any CRM project is dependent on user acceptance; here are four ways to prepare your business for CRM adoption. Announce it and ask questions You want your staff to be aware that your managers and senior personnel are completely on board with ... Read more

Retargeting to increase your sales and conversion rates 

Retargeting to increase your sales and conversion rates  Retargeting is a form of online advertising that can help keep your business relevant to consumers who have visited your website. The sole purpose of your website should be to convert visitors in paying customers. If your website only converts 10 out of 100 site visitors into paying customers, retargeting helps your business reach the 90 out of 100 site visitors after they leave your website. Retargeting focuses your advertising budget directly to those you ... Read more

3 good reasons why telemarketing is still effective

3 good reasons why telemarketing is still effective   Times have certainly changed since the beginning of telemarketing. Technology has granted businesses more options to communicate with their customers; while social media may appear more appealing, websites a necessity, emails dead easy and print media more classical, what sets telemarketing aside is that it still drives results.   While it may seem a solution for yesteryear and not as attractive as social media, telemarketing has evolved with new technology such as advanced auto-dialling, call routing ... Read more

5 Tips to Attract New Customers

5 Tips to Attract New Customers    Finding new methods to increase revenue is a fundamental challenge for every business. If you’re looking for ways to attract new business or service new clients, here are 5 tips to turn prospects into paying customers:   Give something away Everyone loves a freebie. When incentives are given to loyal clients, the chance of getting a good referral increases. With your current customers sharing their experience with your company with others, your list of prospects increases too.   Network Interpersonal ... Read more

3 essential steps to creating an effective marketing plan

3 essential steps to creating an effective marketing plan      Everyone knows that a business plan is important, yet many people tend to ignore marketing plans even though they are just as vital a tool for a successful business. Unlike a business plan, a marketing plan’s main focus is on winning and keeping customers. It is a detailed and strategic plan that includes numbers, facts and objectives. This may come across as intimidating, but your marketing plan does not have to be lengthy ... Read more
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