Curb the “burnout” and get excited about work again

The energy and passion for your work is just not the same anymore. Everything in your working environment frustrates you and you begin to question what you’re doing here. Sounds familiar? You may be experiencing what is termed as a burnout. This particularly impacts production negatively, but fortunately, there are ways to turn things around. Take a break and refocus Create distance between your feelings of burnout and your need to rebuild. Start with changing your regular routine. When you grab lunch or ... Read more

The Dangers of Social Media Scams

Scammers will use many different techniques to try to lure you into falling for their traps.   Impersonating victims or family members of a tragic event, selling souvenirs or memorabilia while claiming the proceeds go to charity, or posting photos and videos of the fake event are just a few ways that they target their victims. The motives are always the same: scammers try to exploit these stories for any kind of financial gain possible. You may have seen a fake videos ... Read more

Common mistakes to avoid when using email marketing

Email marketing is a great way to engage with existing clients and prospective customers.                           It provides a direct line of communication to share your business’ interests, products or services. However, many companies go about this incorrectly. Here are a few tips on what to look out for.   Don’t forget the mobile Your subscribers may well love your emails, but it might only be those who view them from their ... Read more

CRM for media and marketing

CRM for media and marketing By Nicole Whitehorn   Maximizer CRM software is perfect for any media, marketing or promotions company that wants to opt for a customer-centric CRM solution. Maximizer CRM allows you to effectively market to both customers and prospects alike, communicating relevant content throughout the customer lifecycle. There is built-in email marketing and campaign management, enabling you to set up, monitor and measure the ROI for your media. Maximizer CRM is more than just a contact manager and helps you to feed ... Read more

CRM for the publishing industry

CRM for the publishing industry By Nicole Whitehorn Maximizer CRM is ideal for providing coordination between account executives, marketing departments and sales teams to help identify and retain customers loyal to the brand. Every department will have access to client, prospect and agency data in real-time and be able to collaborate and provide great service. Using the software correctly will increase productivity by automating many time-consuming processes and its comprehensive reporting allows you to segment data to manage, assess and forecast opportunities. Maximizer CRM ... Read more

How do I close new customers and boost my up-sell and cross-sell opportunities?

How do I close new customers and boost my up-sell and cross-sell opportunities? By Mark Annett In the modern marketing and sales environment, sales are driven by information: content consumed by would-be buyers researching potential purchases and the intelligence gathered by marketing teams, which the sales department can then use to propose the best product or service. This information will fuel the inbound marketing process. Prospects absorb as much information as they can when going through the buying journey. Ideally, they will also reveal ... Read more

FAQ: How do I set Session State for Maximizer Web Access?

FAQ: How do I set Session State for Maximizer Web Access? By Julie Rodney Q: How do I set Session State for Maximizer Web Access? A: You can find configuration settings like this one for Maximizer Web Access in the Web.Config file that is located in the folder where Maximizer Web Access is installed on your Maximizer server (by default it is located in ..\Program Files\Maximizer\Portals\Employee). The Web.Config file is an XML file and can be edited using any text or XML editor. For this setting ... Read more

6 Tips on how to keep macro-based malware away

6 Tips on how to keep macro-based malware away By Anthony Cowie In the past few months the data security company F-Secure has detected that attackers are distributing malware through Microsoft Office documents again, something that hasn’t been done on a major scale since the early 1990’s when they first appeared. These corrupted documents will typically ccontain malicious macros. The macros are basically scripts embedded in files that are used to automate tasks in Microsoft Word or Excel and are normally very useful, ... Read more

5 Keys to Unlocking the Power of Google Analytics

5 Keys to Unlocking the Power of Google Analytics By Kélyn Donough Today’s marketers need to know how the Google Analytics tool works in order to get the most out of optimizing their sites for search engines. This tool gives you insight into what sources were responsible for sending visitors to your site and then what those visitors did once on your site. The following definitions are useful in getting a better understanding about what the Analytics tool is reporting on. 1. The meaning ... Read more

Lead by example

Lead by example By Nicole Whitehorn I often get asked by sales managers how to go about disciplining their teams into using their CRM solution effectively. The simple answer that I always give them is that they need to lead by example. Any sales manager should know how to add and edit address book entries, how to add a note or log a phone call, upload documents, set a task, send an email and even schedule meetings from their CRM system. Very often the ... Read more
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