Maximise Satisfaction. Drive Repeat Business.

Customer service & support case management with Maximizer CRM helps you effectively optimise service resources and frontline service representatives to dramatically increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

Key Benefits of Maximizer CRM Customer Service & Support Management

  • Gain visibility into team performance to guide resources
  • Provide service staff with the tools they need to help customers quickly
  • Reduce workload with automated processes and self-service
  • Maximise customer satisfaction by keeping the lines of communication open and efficient

Optimise Resources and Maximise Productivity

  • Customer Service Case Management: Effectively track, manage and resolve all your customer issues, including technical support, billing and returns. Create trouble tickets complete with details you can track and search on, including case number, queue, product, category, assignment and more.
  • Centralised Information: Resolve issues faster with easy access to complete account information in one central, easily viewed location.
  • Computer Telephony Integration: Respond faster and improve call productivity with computer telephony integration (CTI) to automatically identify inbound callers and handle outbound calls directly from Maximizer CRM.
  • Share Knowledge: Answers to many issues are a click away in the searchable Knowledge Base .

Automate Processes to Ensure High Quality Service

  • Automatic notifications: Escalate cases to the appropriate person on your team and notify them with automatic email alerts.
  • Monitor and respond: Ensure every issue is resolved so customer satisfaction remains high. Be automatically notified of overdue cases and other critical incidents using Workflow Automation, powered by KnowledgeSync.
  • Automatic case creation: With one click, create a trouble ticket based from an email inquiry to assign it to the appropriate person.
  • Online Self-Service: Help customers and partners help themselves with an online Knowledge Base and online case status monitoring.

Gain the Insight You Need to Improve Service

  • Executive Dashboard: Visualise cases entered, resolved, and abandoned with the Daily Dashboard, complete with drill-down for deeper analysis.
  • More out-of-the-box reports: Over 175 standard reports including case assignment, monitoring, billing, plus case category and product analysis. Visualise staff case workloads and analyse to maximise customer satisfaction.