CRM and the Social Media platform.

By Shabana Reddy

Relationship management is entering a 21st-century renaissance. Business is recognizing the value of the human connection. In our business lives, just as in our personal lives, we appreciate and need authentic and relevant connections more than ever.

Social media has reawakened us all to these values. Our culture of “social networks” is changing our expectations about the people and companies we engage with. Customers don’t want to be “acquired;” they don’t want to be “managed.” They want to be delighted and empowered. They want to work with companies that care about them. People want to connect with real people, and they want to know, like, and trust the people they do business with. It’s good news — welcome to the renaissance of customer engagement.

Today, customers are having conversations amongst themselves online and in social media. They make decisions on their own about what they want to buy from and talk to companies on whatever channel they choose — and they expect a relevant conversation.

The social business recognizes that they need to become part of the conversation that customers are having in the marketing funnel. Perhaps even more important, they need to interact within the buyer funnel. They need to be “nimble” enough to be adding value to those conversations — to become part of the conversation — in an authentic and relevant way, so that customers can know, trust, and value them as trusted resources.

If companies could truly focus on serving customers in these ways, not only would they come back and buy again but they would likely bring their friends with them.

*Adapted from an article on How Social Media and CRM Work Together Successfully by Amanda Nelson

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