Maximizer CRM: HubSpot Connector

Dramatically improve your inbound marketing, increase lead quality, collect invaluable lead intelligence and harness the full strength of your sales and marketing teams with the Maximizer CRM: HubSpot Connector.

This power tool bridges the gap between Maximizer CRM and HubSpot the all-in-one inbound marketing software. With HubSpot you can manage and amplify all your online marketing efforts, including:

  • measuring the effectiveness of your website
  • developing responsive landing pages
  • creating an informative blog
  • planning and managing your social media activities across Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Youtube and Xing
  • email marketing


All marketing leads generated will seemlessly flow into your Maximizer CRM, putting HubSpot’s lead intelligence and prospect profile into the hands of your sales team, thus Improving the quality of marketing leads generated, shortening the sales cycle for improved sales conversion rates and closing the loop between marketing effort and sales revenue.

 Download our HubSpot Connector datasheet for more information

For installation information, download our deployment guidelines

Inbound Success: Connecting Sales & Marketing Automation to Drive Revenues

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