Maslow’s hierarchy of marketing needs

By Kélyn Donough

Maslow’s hierarchy identifies five primary areas of needs experienced by most humans. It starts with physiological, or basic life survival needs. Maslow’s hierarchy shows that human behaviour and decision-making are motivated by one of the five need levels in his hierarchy. We can then say it is used as a focus for modern marketing efforts. An example of these marketing efforts can include spa therapy being marketed to the need for increased self-esteem.
1. Awareness and introduction:
Give your prospects what they need and attract these future customers’ with samples, freebies and promotional items.

2. Membership:
Convince your customers that your products/services are for them;, this will keep them focused on your products/services.

3. Engagement:
Create value in relation to customers’ own goals and desires so they can become engaged in your products/services.

4. Invested:
Show prospects you respect them – this will give them the confidence to invest in your products or services, or invest in a greater amount.

5. Loyal repeat customer:
This is achieved if your value of marketing or value proposition strategies have converted prospects/customers into loyal customers who will take part in repeat purchases.

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