Cloud & On-Premise CRM Deployment

Experience more choice and control with two flexible deployment options. Select an option suited to your business infrastructure, needs and budget. Easily add or remove users — or switch from one deployment option to another — as your business needs change.

2 deployment options

Choose a deployment option that matches your needs:

  • Our cloud

Get quick deployment and instant access to every new feature, fix and update — along with lower total cost of ownership. We manage IT infrastructure, while your data is secured in state-of-the-art Tier IV certified data centers.

  • On-premise

Keep your CRM software and data in your office, on your web-server. Using a secure web url, access your CRM from any workstation — or on the fly from a laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Microsoft Technologies

Harness the Power of Microsoft Technology- Microsoft® plus Maximizer™ for Seamless CRM

Small to medium-sized businesses with a Microsoft® technology foundation can leverage the strength of the familiar backbone and applications alongside the simple, accessible, adaptable Maximizer™ Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. Built for the Windows platform and leveraging the .NET framework and SQL database, Maximizer CRM opens the flow of information between a centralised CRM database and Microsoft applications such as Outlook®, Office and back-end programs such as Dynamics™ GP (Great Plains).

Leverage Outlook as a CRM Interface

  • Integrate Email: View your Outlook messages inside Maximizer CRM automatically, then save to customer records – no copying and pasting.
  • CRM Access in Outlook: Use the Maximizer Toolbar inside Outlook for one-click saving of emails to customers’ records in Maximizer CRM.
  • Access Contacts: Use email addresses from both Maximizer CRM & Outlook address books for email distribution. Synchronise contacts to Outlook and vice-versa to store a subset of customer records.
  • Synchronise Calendars: Stay on track with two-way synchronisation of Maximizer CRM & Outlook calendars.
  • MaxSync for Microsoft Exchange: Set-up meetings and keep track of appointments when some people work in Maximizer CRM and others work in Microsoft Outlook & Exchange.

Increase Productivity with Office and Dynamics GP Integration

  • Microsoft Word: Personalise documents like customer proposals and letters with Microsoft Word with any field from your Maximizer CRM customer data. Even use Word to create rich text print and fax campaigns.
  • Microsoft Excel®: Instantly export data and reports to Microsoft Excel, and import third-party lists from Excel.
  • Share Office documents: Save Microsoft Office documents in customer records for electronic history of proposals, quotes and other communications. Store other documents in a central repository for staff to reference and email.
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP: Integration provided out-of-the-box with Accounting Link for Dynamics GP , provides a 360° customer view that pulls transactions, invoices, quotes, purchase orders directly into Maximizer CRM.


Microsoft powers mobility and web access

  • Web Access: Access information online and perform every day customer-facing processes with Maximizer CRM and Internet Explorer.
  • Windows Mobile Access: Maintain productivity of remote staff with synchronisation to Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone devices using MaxMobile, or use Pocket Internet Explorer with Wireless Web Access for online, real-time information.

Other Microsoft technologies Maximizer CRM supports:

  • Internet Explorer for Web Accessi
  • SQL Server Database (Professional and Enterprise Editions)
  • SQL Express (Group Edition)
  • Systems Management Server (SMS)
  • Windows single sign-on and user authenticationii
  • Microsoft Virtual Earth for global maps and directions
  • Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)
  • Customisationiii programming languages: Visual Basic®, Visual Basic .NET, C+#, Visual C++®


i. Web Access option is available for Group, Professional, and Enterprise Editions
ii. Available only with Professional and Enterprise Editions
iii. Customisation Suite is an add-on product with additional license fees.

Partner Relationship
Streamline lead distribution, forecasting and targeted marketing

Exchanging information about customers, sales opportunities and marketing activities with a network of resellers can be complex and time-consuming. Help your employees and partners handle leads faster, collaborate more effectively on deals, and improve sales forecasting with Maximizer CRM Partner Relationship Managementi—through the web!

  • Assign leads to partners, complete with automatic email alerts to retrieve leads through the web.
  • Improve the accuracy of your forecasting and sales pipeline reports. Allow resellers to view, update, and add new sales opportunities.
  • Get customer feedback through partners and make more informed decisions.

Empower partners with online access to critical answers and solutions

  • Give your partners the answers they need through a web-based Knowledge Base.
  • Give partners access to a calendar of partner-related activities.

Help partners provide better customer service

  • Let your partners issue new service cases, view cases in progress, and modify existing ones.
  • Automatically notify partners about the status of cases in progress, resolutions, or specific case actions.

Provide safe, secure access to confidential information

  • Let partners create their own web login, complete with automatic password retrieval.
  • Save time with partner profile updating online.

Customise Your Partners’ Experience

  • Customise the partner experience, including custom windows, tabs, tool bars, and menus.
  • The Customisation Suiteii lets you leverage industry standards, code examples, and an easy-to-use interface for IT professionals.


i. Requires Partner Access, which is an add-on with additional license fees.
ii. Customisation Suite is an add-on product with additional license fees.

Take Sales, Marketing, Service and Orders Online

Attract more prospects, sell more products and boost customer service by leveraging online experiences. With Maximizer CRM web and order management solutions, you’ll grow your business—around the clock and around the world. Exploit the full capabilities of Maximizer CRM by integrating your website with your customer relationship management processes.

Generate and Assign Online Leads

Turn anonymous web visitors into leads.

  • Create online forms for leads, polls and event registration and automatically import any field.
  • Assign leads quickly and send email notifications to the assigned sales person or partner.

Drive Online Sales to Reduce Costs

Broaden your sales channel and lower your cost of sales with a self-hosted online store, complete with an online catalogue.

  • Provide product information, prices, and tax and shipping calculations in multiple languages and currencies for your diverse customer base.
  • Increase your deal size by up-selling online with product cross-links.
  • Process and manage all orders including credit card transaction through the built-in Order Desk.
  • Give customers the ability to track their orders online with web-based Customer Access.i
  • Protect your customer’s security and your company against fraud with SSL encryption.

Create Unique Web Experiences

  • Create personalised web experiences integrated with your CRM processes using the Customisation Suite.ii
  • Empower customers to resolve their own issues with online access to your searchable Knowledge Base.
  • Enable self-service through the web – to check on the status of outstanding cases.iii


i. Requires Customer Access, which is an add-on product with additional license fees.
ii. Customisation Suite is an add-on product with additional license fees.
iii. Requires Customer Access, which is an add-on product with additional license fees.

Accounting Link for QuickBooks and Dynamics GP (Great Plains)
Get a full 360° view. Maximise customer satisfaction.

Capitalise on the wealth of information stored in your accounting system – whether you use Intuit QuickBooks or Microsoft Dynamics GP. Maximise customer satisfaction, and the productivity of your staff with access to customer financial data directly through an interface they are comfortable with—Maximizer™ CRM.

With Accounting Linki, link customer records with QuickBooks or Dynamics GP to reduce redundancies, provide a 360° view of customer information and get faster access to financial data.

Service customers efficiently and effectively

  • Look up a customer’s credit limit, balance, quotes and past invoices within Maximizer CRM.
  • Create quotes and orders from inside Maximizer CRM, saving all transactions to customer’s record.
  • Retrieve up-to-date prices and inventory levels for accurate orders.
  • Set security rights for individuals that allow viewing but not creating transactions.
  • Match and link customer records to QuickBooks or Dynamics GP with one click.
  • Integrate with other accounting applications with the accounting API with the Customisation Suiteii.


i. Accounting Link designed for use with QuickBooks, and Accounting Link for use with Dynamics GP are both add-on products with additional license fees.
ii. Customisation Suite is an add-on product with additional license fees.

On Demand Coaching
On Demand Coaching at your fingertips
With busy schedules, you can’t spend time in out-of-office training, reading books, or sometimes even going to managers for guidance. Get immediate answers to your business questions and problems with CanDoGo – helping you and your teams dramatically improve performance and productivity.
With Maximizer CRM and CanDoGo™, you get access to knowledge from over 153 renowned business authors and coaches

Maximizer & CanDoGo – On Demand Coaching at your fingertips

Key Benefits of CanDoGo with Maximizer CRM:

  • Save time and work more efficiently with quick-hitting, relevant guidance
  • Improve staff and management performance
  • Retain valuable training content all year-round
  • Access leading coaches and authors from one interface


CanDoGo Insights™ are now delivered to you directly from Maximizer CRM — small, relevant sound bites of knowledge in text, audio, or video that instantly answer your business questions.
CanDoGo helps you save time, work more efficiently, make more money, help more customers, balance your life and be recognized within your organization as a leader.

CanDoGo topics include:

  • Sales coaching
  • Relationship building
  • Leadership coaching
  • Employee development
  • Presentation skills
  • Communication skills
  • Strategy skills
  • Power proposals
  • Time management
  • Services coaching
  • Motivation skills
  • Overcoming objections
  • Goal setting
  • Teamwork skills
  • Work-life balance


Get value from Maximizer CRM and CanDoGo every single day!

Sign up for a free 7-day trial.

Customisation Suite
Customise CRM – Support and accelerate your business

Maximizer CRM facilitates business agility by supporting customisation at every level and evolving as you grow your business. Leverage web services, industry standards and an interface customisation utility to create the right environment to drive higher adoption and great CRM success.

Take Advantage of Industry Standards

  • Web services
  • COM library with over 35 objects, 900 functions, and data streams that open up the full power of Maximizer CRM to other applications
  • Visual Studio.NET
  • ODBC driver to maintain data integrity even with remote users
  • Visual Basic® & Visual Basic .NET
  • NET Assembly
  • SP.NET, Java, Java Script, C#
  • OLE and ActiveX®
  • Access, Delphi and Visual
  • DDE to transfer data to applications such as Word, Excel or WinFax
  • C++®
  • XML for seamless data transfer
  • Use direct, native SQL updates for industry-standard coding and faster customisation

Designed from the Ground Up for Customisation

With the Customisation Suites, IT professionals have everything they need to integrate, customise and extend the power of Maximizer CRM – whether for web or Windows desktop users.

  • Web Services: for standardised integration over HTTP.
  • Interface Customisation Utility: Easily change system field labels to support your own processes, naming, and industry (for example, change Company to Hospital for all records).
  • Documentation: Detailed documentation, including data and table structures.
  • Code examples: VB.NET and C# examples for creating custom program behaviors, windows, and integrating with other applications.
  • Hooks & Triggers: Hooks to the Address Book, Calendar, Customer Service, Notes, Opportunities, Phone and User-Defined Fields.


Model Business Best Practices

  • Integrate and Add Windows: Create additional windows to display information from other applications (such as accounting, inventory). Use the Accounting API to integrate with other accounting programs.
  • Custom Tabs & Actions: Add custom tabs and action menu items to existing dialog boxes; customise menu items, toolbar and window captions.
  • Wizard Tools: Use step-by-step wizards to create unique data entry forms with custom fields.

Integrate With Other Front and Back-Office Applications

  • Synchronise: Using XML, synchronise data from other applications in real time or at regularly scheduled intervals, such as nightly or weekly.