On-premise CRM

Maximizer Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a flexible, scalable and robust CRM software solution. With a variety of editions and deployment options, it’s easy to find the solution to suit your business infrastructure, needs and budget. With regular six month updates with new functionality and features no matter which edition or deployment option you choose, you have the reassurance of utilising a product that will position your business at the cutting-edge of technology.

Maximizer software gives you the freedom to scale your system and choose the best deployment option for your company and to change your mind and pass from one deployment option to the other!

Maximizer’s latest on-premise solution:
Maximizer CRM 12 Summer 2013 brings one of the most innovative and fully functioned CRM systems available. Maximizer on-premise CRM may be right for your organisation if you:

  • Need to customise your CRM solution heavily to fit your business processes
  • Require your CRM to integrate tightly into your company’s existing applications/ have complex or realtime integration requirements
  • Have already invested in internal IT infrastructure or have available in-house IT resources and support systems
  • Require a certain level of security and control over the data (e.g. Within an industry or company whose laws mandate that your data remain behind your firewall or be housed within your country)
  • Require specialised data structures
  • Have budget for up-front capital investment and prefer one-time costs over monthly recurring costs
  • Are concerned about performance, poor internet connection or require heavy offline capability.