Respect leads to good CRM!

By Mark Annett.

In my youth, which wasn’t too long ago, as a sales intern in a financial services company I vividly remember a training video starring John Cleese. The topic was about respecting the customer, your company and your product at all times. John Cleese hilariously belittled the product, the sales person, the backup, his manager and everyone else he could think of. The upshot of that was that the client cancelled his order because he thought the company and the related product was no good.

Cleese’s character on his return to the office a week later was retrenched. He had been doing this for so long and it had such an impact on the company’s sales and reputation that the company was no longer a viable organisation. My thinking today is that if management had installed a full featured CRM system they would have picked up on his behaviour long before any real damage had been done. One of Maximizer’s main features is the ability to log each client interaction; the outcomes are all available in a dynamically updating dash board or report. All management had to do was click a button to see how valued their company and products are.

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