Wood for the trees

Wood for the trees. By Mark Annett. It’s often the case that getting important information out of your client data system can prove to be a lengthy, drawn out process involving meetings with IT, the in-house marketing team and accounts department. And one typically ends up with a pile of reports that consume more precious time than you have, especially if you are the MD or in strategic management. A CRM system will do all of that for you around the clock and ... Read more

Great companies

Great companies. By Mark Annett. We have discussed the fact that customer relationship management is not so much about technology but more about your companies applied methodologies with regard to interacting with your customers. A common denominator in all great companies big or small is how they treat their customers. Great companies always treat their customers with respect. They respond with empathy if a client has an issue and they always keep in contact with them throughout every process. Your CRM system should ... Read more

Implementing CRM to shed more light

Implementing CRM to shed more light. By Dolan Govender. I was speaking with a friend at a birthday party recently and when I asked him how business was going he said pretty well and mentioned that he had been studying towards a commerce degree via correspondence. When I asked him if he was implementing anything in his business from what he was learning he said “Oh yes, and you won’t believe what a difference it made to the productivity of my business since ... Read more

Keeping it simple

Keeping it Simple. By Mike Richardson. Over the years here at Maximizer we have seen a gradual increase in the complexity of solutions with clients or prospects who are seeking to find that elusive competitive edge. However, I've personally always believed in keeping things simple because often ideas and their full implications haven’t been fully worked through. The more complex a solution, the more difficult it gets to see which aspects really make a difference in real orders, revenues, profits and personal productivity. The ... Read more