Keeping your database clean

Keeping your database clean. By Nelia Roberts. I chatted with a prospect today who was complaining that he keeps having to delete old information out of his database. Maximizer CRM has the solution to this – it’s called purging. What is important though is that you ensure that you have a backup of this data before you purge notes and document. When it comes to saving emails it is important to keep a history of communication, but you only need the 1st and the ... Read more

The impact of training on business

The impact of training on business. By Shabana Reddy. Many studies have shown the positive effects of training on any business. One in particular is the The impact of vocational education and training on company performance done by the European Centre for the development of Vocational Training (Cedefop) shows the positive and significant impact of Vocational Education and Training on companies. This study was done across all indicators namely : quality, innovation, employment growth, multidimensional indicators and it was found that more companies ... Read more

Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring. By Grant Chapman. Having the right leads going to the right people in your business is critically important. Giving leads from potentially big customers, or customers with complex requirements, to your most junior sales person makes no sense because chances are they could well lose the opportunity. You also don’t want to have your senior sales people rushing around after leads that represent little value to your business. Good sales people worth their salt will qualify leads anyway, but this takes ... Read more
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