Employee Training and Development

Employee Training and Development: Reasons and Benefits. By Shabana Reddy. Training and development brings benefits to both the company and its employees. We live in an information age today, and organisations are routinely valued not just on their physical but on their intellectual capital. Training is one of the chief methods of maintaining and improving intellectual capital, so the quality of an organisation’s training affects its value. Untrained or poorly trained employees cost significantly more to support than well-trained employees do. Training provides ... Read more

Why should I use Maximizer

Why should I use Maximizer. By Sue Denton. Maximizer is a Customer Relationship Management tool that I’ve found to be very user-friendly (I learnt it in 2 weeks – enough to train the other users in our business). It’s easy to follow, interactive and easily accessible (desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet). Its functionality also suits all types of industries, whether you’re a small, medium or large enterprise and it is easily customisable even though it is an out-of-the-box system. I would recommend trying it out ... Read more

A Candid Interview with Mike Richardson

A Candid Interview with Mike Richardson Q1: What do you think are the most significant changes to sales and marketing in the past five years? A: In general, the main change is probably the way prospects self-educate themselves. With so much information online these days, a prospect can get a really good understanding of any product or service before contacting the vendor. Prospects dig deeper into the aspects relevant to their business before making formal contact. Traditionally, a sales person would have helped ... Read more