Why is CRM important?

Why is CRM important? By Nelia Roberts. I’ve seen many clients over the past 10 years of being in the CRM business and very often it seems that when you first approach them they have “no need” for a CRM system until they actually see what its capabilities are. Typically the marketing department starts things off to bring the leads in, sales people take over to bring in the sales and then the customer services personnel look after the rest, until sales bring in ... Read more

Is your choice of CRM system an IT decision?

Is your choice of CRM system an IT decision? By Mark Annett. The simple answer is no, it’s a business system and the choice should come from the MD or the executive. Although the CRM system requires an IT support structure the process and its adoption in the company is a business process. IT `s responsibility in an organisation is simple, ensure that the systems are backed up, reliable and always available. Read more

General To-Do’s when using Maximizer CRM

General To-Do’s when using Maximizer CRM The following is a short list of useful to-do’s when it comes to managing your Maximizer CRM database efficiently: Ensure that you have few mandatory fields. This way staff won’t run from capturing information. Information fields: User Defined Fields: Before creating them ensure you know how you want the information out of your database. Ensure you have set up all system fields correctly before getting staff to use the system: System Category fields, Account Manager, City/Town, Province, Country, Lead ... Read more

The benefits of using a CRM tool

The benefits of using a CRM tool. By Shabana Reddy. The question shouldn’t be ‘Should I use a CRM tool’ but rather ‘What can a CRM tool do for me’. Many businesses find their own benefits and they often find that the benefits highly outweigh the costs of implementing a CRM tool. It usually takes time to get the system up and running but the end results are certainly worth the effort. A CRM system will typically record all interaction for every contact, be ... Read more