Respect leads to good CRM!

Respect leads to good CRM! By Mark Annett. In my youth, which wasn’t too long ago, as a sales intern in a financial services company I vividly remember a training video starring John Cleese. The topic was about respecting the customer, your company and your product at all times. John Cleese hilariously belittled the product, the sales person, the backup, his manager and everyone else he could think of. The upshot of that was that the client cancelled his order because he thought ... Read more

Cloud VS On Premise – how do I decide?

Cloud VS On Premise – how do I decide? By Nelia Roberts. Again last week I was face to face with a client asking – are we actually ready for cloud computing? My immediate response would have to been “of course we are”. Why would you ask such a question? Is it safe though?, they asked And who looks after it? What if another cable goes missing and we don’t have internet? What about speed issues? Well, of course it is a battle between environmental issues and user reactions ... Read more

The Ten Commandments of Customer Service

The Ten Commandments of Customer Service. By Shabana Reddy. Customer service is an integral part of our job and should not be seen as an extension of it. A company’s most vital asset is its customers. Without them, we would not and could not exist in business. When we satisfy our customers, they not only help us grow by continuing to do business with you, but recommend you to friends and associates. The practice of customer service should be as present on the show ... Read more

Maximizer CRM Adoption

Maximizer CRM Adoption. By Mark Annett. In a recent independent study on CRM user systems adoption rates, Maximizer CRM came out on top. Interestingly, the main reason was the look and feel. Users felt that out of all the systems they were exposed to Maximizer was the most intuitive and the least intimidating of all 6 leading CRM systems tested. Maximizer`s Following Window technology flows seamlessly from one function to the other. Navigation using the icon bar is as natural as changing gears ... Read more
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