Writing Product Descriptions That Sell

One very important skill for online business owners to master is the art of writing enticing product descriptions. Product descriptions shouldn’t simply describe the physical dimensions of your product. Product descriptions need to actually SELL your product. The product description should not only cast your products in the best light, they should also create a need to get the consumer clicking on your website to purchase the product or service. Do not get lazy when writing your product description. The product ... Read more

The Dangers of Social Media Scams

Scammers will use many different techniques to try to lure you into falling for their traps.   Impersonating victims or family members of a tragic event, selling souvenirs or memorabilia while claiming the proceeds go to charity, or posting photos and videos of the fake event are just a few ways that they target their victims. The motives are always the same: scammers try to exploit these stories for any kind of financial gain possible. You may have seen a fake videos ... Read more

Common mistakes to avoid when using email marketing

Email marketing is a great way to engage with existing clients and prospective customers.                           It provides a direct line of communication to share your business’ interests, products or services. However, many companies go about this incorrectly. Here are a few tips on what to look out for.   Don’t forget the mobile Your subscribers may well love your emails, but it might only be those who view them from their ... Read more
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