4 Benefits internal training offers your business

Up-skilling your employees is a great way of growing your business exponentially. When your staff feel like their contributions are of value and acknowledged, the collective effort put into driving your business improves. The benefits to your business are potentially endless, but here are the top five reasons why you should invest in internal staff training:   Productivity increases: With your staff learning how to execute their tasks more efficiently, more will get done and improvements will gradually increase. Engagement: a boost in employee ... Read more

5 Useful Tips for marketing yourself and your team at a networking event

Networking events present a variety of opportunities for individuals and organisations as a whole. Here are some useful tips to get the most out of networking events. #1 - Hashtags Use twitter to get your event hashtags out there.  While at the event, the hashtag provides a platform for you to interact with people who share your interests online.  Prior to an event, many of the people who plan on attending will use the event hashtag in their tweets to let others know ... Read more

Why having an Organisational culture is important to your business

  Organisational culture is the shared beliefs, norms and values ​​within an organization. It is the basis for developing strategy in a company. For a strategy within a business to be developed and implemented successfully, it must fully align with the organizational culture. Therefore, initiatives and goals must be based on the organisational culture of your company to support and establish the core values of your business. Here are three advantages as to why having an organisational culture promotes the implementation of your ... Read more

Do Optimistic Salespeople Outsell Pessimists?

  The environment in which we sell most definitely affects our sales performance - I'm not referring to whether or not our offices have heaters, I'm referring to what the R40k-a-day experts call "the corporate culture". In very simple terms - the happier we are at work, the more we sell. Dr Kobus Neethling, one of South Africa's esteemed training gurus, refers to "above the line" and "below the line" thinking and how the negativity of others affects us.  It's a scientifically proven ... Read more

How to sell ice to an Eskimo

As a sales representative, your ultimate goal is to sell as much as possible and not allow the big fish to escape or choose another pond. A good selling strategy is imperative in being a successful  sales person. Having an inspiration for intelligent work is as important. Paying attention to the following three aspects of selling can go a long way in helping you be a great salesperson. Know your customer Research everything there is to know about your customer. A ... Read more

3 Common CRM mistakes and how to avoid them 

While CRM systems have been around for a long time now, choosing the right CRM platform, as well as implementing it, can still be tricky. Choosing the wrong system or making a mistake in how you implement it could leave you worse off than when you started. To help managers increase their odds of success, here are some of the most common CRM mistakes and solutions to how these mistakes can be avoided. Not thinking about the end users when choosing a CRM solution To ... Read more