What Are You Putting Into Your Sales Pipeline?

When building a sales pipeline, one of the key considerations is the quality of the leads entering the pipeline. The more "trash" i.e. unqualified enquiries that enter the pipeline, the more likely a team is to be bogged down in chasing deals that are never going to close. With limited time and internal resources, a sales team must focus on those deals with a higher probability of closing. At your meeting, discuss and agree the key criteria your company uses to qualify ... Read more

3 good reasons why telemarketing is still effective

Times have certainly changed since the beginning of telemarketing. Technology has granted businesses more options to communicate with their customers; while social media may appear more appealing, websites a necessity, emails dead easy and print media more classical, what sets telemarketing aside is that it still drives results.   While it may seem a solution for yesteryear and not as attractive as social media, telemarketing has evolved with new technology such as advanced auto-dialling, call routing and tracking and can’t be ignored if ... Read more

What are We Going to Do Differently this Year?

This is a question that each salesperson can answer personally and the team can decide on as a whole.  There's no point in repeating past sales mistakes and there's every reason to keep repeating sales activities that brought in the desired results. Re-affirming and sharing what worked and what didn't work is a great way to begin your sales year on a positive note. Document the three main points from your team discussion and re-visit them every quarter to keep yourselves on ... Read more

5 Tips to Attract New Customers

Finding new methods to increase revenue is a fundamental challenge for every business. If you’re looking for ways to attract new business or service new customers, here are 5 tips to turn prospects into paying customers:   Give something away Everyone loves a freebie. When incentives are given to loyal clients, the chance of getting a good referral increases. With your current customers sharing their experience with your company with others, your list of prospects increases too.   Network Interpersonal relationships go a long way. ... Read more

3 essential steps to creating an effective marketing plan

Everyone knows that a business plan is important, yet many people tend to ignore marketing plans even though they are just as vital a tool for a successful business. Unlike a business plan, a marketing plan’s main focus is on winning and keeping customers. It is a detailed and strategic plan that includes numbers, facts and objectives. This may come across as intimidating, but your marketing plan does not have to be lengthy or beautifully written, unless you’re using your marketing ... Read more

Lower your marketing costs in just 3 steps

Marketing costs are one of the most limiting yet important aspects of maintaining a successful business. Most budding entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to minimise their marketing costs. So how do you limit certain processes without sacrificing reach? Here are a few ways to accomplish this:   Focus on inbound marketing When a business advertises “at” their customers, this can be referred to as outbound marketing. It includes paid ads that are aimed at attracting new customers. Campaigns that execute these targets ... Read more