Does your Sales Team know how to discuss value?

By Suzanne Burgess   Price is what you pay - Value is what you get. -- Warren Buffett There is no such thing as absolute value in this world. You can only estimate what a thing is worth to you. - Charles Dudley Warner The ability of a salesperson to articulate the value of his or her product or service is a vital skill that is often not mastered as well as it ought to be. It also needs to be articulated differently in ... Read more

4 Ways to optimise customer experience

Optimizing customer experience should be one of the top priorities for your company’s online marketing strategy. What is customer experience exactly? It is an interaction between an organisation and a customer as perceived through a customer’s conscious and subconscious mind. The benefits of creating great experiences for customers can amount to a higher rate of customer acquisition, loyalty and retention. Below are 4 ways to create the best customer experience for your brand:   Tighten visitor privacy and security Brand loyalty is a result of a ... Read more

Tracking The Sales Team’s Appointments – A “Leading” Sales Indicator That Needs to be Monitored

As a sales manager or business owner, one of the key “leading” sales indicators to keep track of is your sales team’s daily face-to-face appointments with prospects and customers.   [Note:  “Leading” sales indicators are mostly activity-related. “Lagging” sales indicators are mostly revenue-related. By monitoring leading indicators you’re in a far better position to predict future sales revenues because you can keep an eye on whether or not there’s enough happening weeks, if not months before you need to hit those sales targets].   Maximizer ... Read more

SEO for Modernised Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a field that constantly evolves and at a rapid rate. With the progression of technology, businesses now have more ways to engage with their customers and even potential clients. The purpose of an effective digital marketing strategy is to manage, deliver and optimise a customer’s overall experience with your brand. So where exactly does search engine optimisation (SEO) fit into your brand’s end-goal?   Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to ... Read more

End of your Financial Year? Use Maximizer to Gain Serious Insights into Your Sales Stats

  For many companies, the 28th of February is the last day of their current financial year. It’s also the day that Sales Managers and Max Administrators need to do some basic housekeeping. This housekeeping relates specifically to their annual pipeline as their sales year wraps up. Analysing annual sales, marketing lead-generation, database, customer service and pipeline statistics is a vital management function indeed.   Let’s just focus on the pipeline for now: Accuracy is key. Of course, the idea is that you should ... Read more