Do You Sell Shallow or Deep?

  By Suzanne Burgess Whilst some salespeople are simply too laid back to care, most salespeople who stay in the shallow water do so because they lack confidence at some point in the sales process. Shallow selling, i.e. just doing the bare minimum without too much personal effort is pretty easy. That’s when you go to see a client and sell them the easiest “solution” you have available – perhaps your entry-level sales offering. You know how to sell it, the client is already ... Read more

5 Ways to optimise your customer testimonials

  We have all seen advertisements where companies claim that the products or services they offer are “the best” or considered to be “number 1” in their niche. This is not enough to convince prospective customers anymore. Testimonials, on the other hand, are great for allowing prospects to see first-hand experience of other customers who have invested in your brand. It serves as reassurance for prospects that are hesitant in their decision to buy your brand’s offerings. Here are five easy ways ... Read more

Build your brand image

    “Marketing is about values.” – Steve Jobs   Your brand image should reflect how you want your business to be perceived and appeal to customers. The core component of your brand is what will set you apart from the rest. In a crowd, the message that your brand aims to express needs to resonate and be heard clearly by your target audience.   Marketing is the way we communicate this message to large audiences and being heard by the consumers who identify with this message. ... Read more

Does your company’s sales strategy allow for collaboration?

  By Suzanne Burgess Many entrepreneurs collaborate with other non-competing companies to generate sales and add value to their clients. When values align and mutual trust and respect exists, it sets the stage for extremely successful joint ventures and long-term relationships. This formula will work for salespeople. Discuss whether your sales environment supports creative collaboration and if you are all truly reaping the benefits of joint venture possibilities that are out there. Are you missing out because you are closing the door on potential ... Read more

4 Tips for effectively re-launching your website

  There comes a time when a business needs to revamp and re-launch their website. Keeping up with all the advances that influence your business contributes positively to your overall brand image. An outdated website sends the wrong impression to prospects when visiting your website. No consumer would spend money on a brand that is not current. Re-launching your website might seem overwhelming. Fortunately, here are some helpful tips to follow that will make your re-launch go smoothly:   Create a standard Before launching ... Read more

4 Ways to update your Mid-Year marketing plan

  As the mid-year checkpoint approaches, it is now the best time to analyse and review your marketing plan’s overall performance.   Taking a look back at your marketing plan for the year is the first important step in making the remainder of the year a success. It is crucial to analyse the strategies that have worked really well and those that have not, in order to identify the minor or major changes that need to be made through the year. Take your ... Read more

What Do You Know About Lead Nurturing?

  By Suzanne Burgess How does a lead, perhaps someone's name scribbled on a piece of paper by a friend, somehow turn into a major deal? The answer is obvious - by nurturing the development of that lead carefully through the necessary sales process stages, over time it will most likely metamorphose into something worthwhile. Providing you apply the right process of course. Your CRM system will assist you track how well your process is aligned to what you do on a daily ... Read more