Is your marketing campaign reaching its expiration date?

  Many of us implement new campaigns with high hopes, only to see poor results right off the bat. It’s important to know that not all marketing efforts will guarantee positive results for your particular product or service. It's also important to be able to acknowledge defeat when a campaign just isn't working, and move on.   When launching a new marketing campaign, you should always be on the look-out for positive improvements that can contribute to your overall marketing goal. How do you ... Read more

What impact do your sales meetings really have?

  By Suzanne Burgess   Most sales managers agree that their weekly sales meeting sets the tone for the week ahead, so perhaps there is something that is influencing your sales team's state of sales mind - either positively or negatively. How do you feel about your sales meetings? Are they generally positive and upbeat? Do you use the meeting as an opportunity to solve problems and recognise success, or is the meeting attended somewhat reluctantly, knowing it's just going to be another 'beating'? Is ... Read more

First-time buyer fears and what to do about it

  There are many reasons why prospects don't buy your particular brand, but just one is enough to kill a sale. If you can foresee these objections and prepare for them, you'll sell more. The behaviour that salespeople exhibit can also drive down their performance. There is a vast disconnect between how people sell and how humans make buying decisions. To make matters worse, the way most salespeople are taught to sell is grounded in selling, not buying. This does not look good ... Read more

Mobile CRM Checklist

  Mobile Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is designed for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and there are many benefits that come with using such a tool. Connecting through mobile CRM allows your sales team to access real-time customer data through a mobile CRM app or through a web-based browser with cloud CRM. For your sales team meeting prospects and customers out in the field, streamlined access to their critical sales information is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity.   The right CRM app lets ... Read more

What state of sales mind are you in?

  By Suzanne Burgess   Are you on top of your sales target, feeling happy and positive about your current business opportunities or are you stuck in a rut about how to generate new leads or close those deals which have been pending for months? If it's the latter, then it's time to THINK differently and DO differently! Half of the problem of getting into a sales rut is the feeling that despite what you think are your best efforts, you're just spinning your wheels. This ... Read more

Advantages of augmented reality marketing

  Marketing typically consists of a range of strategies that companies use to help them sell their products or services to customers. This process usually begins with identifying who their target market is and it is then followed by a collaborative campaign that includes the strategies that work for their specific niche. A marketing campaign often also looks at how companies aim to fulfil their customers’ needs and build long-term loyalty. Augmented reality is one of the newer and more current forms of ... Read more

How to maintain your Google ranking organically

  Keeping your brand’s website on the first page in Google is not as easy as everyone thinks. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the name given to activity that attempts to improve search engine rankings. Keeping your website’s SEO in line with Google’s requirements will establish your brand as a “guru” and it will increase your visibility in search engine queries. Generating a consistent source of website traffic is the foundation of every online business. If you don’t have visitors coming to your ... Read more