3 Secrets of social media marketing everyone overlooks

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Business owners need to recognise the difference between personal social media use and professional use. Social media platforms like Facebook, appeal to large audiences. It’s easy to manage the image you portray to one person, but the overall brand image exposed to more than one person per day can get a bit hectic. The dramatic difference between the two approaches catches many business owners off-guard. Here are 3 tips to help deal with this venture.


  1. Refine who you’re targeting

Your posts should speak to a highly targeted audience based on the traits of your best customers. Stay current on any discussion, too, so that your posts don’t seem outdated.

  1. Strategy is key

Always set goals for your social media usage. It should serve a concrete purpose that ultimately benefits your business. Social media marketing goals consist of ways to generate more leads, content schedule and finding new ways to promote your brand.

  1. Promote content to appear in the face of your targeted audiences

Promoting content on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter can is affordable. More importantly, it can grow your audience beyond people who already follow and interact with your pages. If you put just a small budget behind a few key posts a month, then you can quickly multiply the number of people who see your messages. You also generate valuable data based on who does and doesn’t interact when they see certain posts.


A successful business owner knows not to bite off more than you can chew. Sticking to one or two social networks at first will alleviate the overwhelming mismanagement of your online image. Only once you get the hang of it should you start to expand and branch out onto other social media platforms.


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