3 Steps to clean up your CRM data

CRM data clean upData quality is essential in any CRM system. Without high-quality data, it is difficult to understand or stay in contact with your customers in a professional and efficient manner. Refining the data you use in your CRM system will help in gathering key information about current and potential customers. This information is why the correct data in your database should be maintained. It directly influences how you market your brand’s products or services and inevitably encourages customer loyalty that can last for years. Cleaning up your CRM data is imperative to your brand’s success. Here are 3 steps that will make cleaning your data a breeze:


  1. Evaluate and eradicate

You will need to first evaluate the overall state of your CRM data. Are there duplicates? Where do the duplicates come from? Establishing this information will help refine the list of all the unwanted data. Once you have identified all the ‘bad’ data, go ahead and remove it from your CRM database.


  1. Protect

Create a standard when adding new data to your database. With this in place, it will alleviate all the unwanted data and continue with effective data list. Make sure to always check for duplicates and do a routine check on the status of your CRM database.


  1. Strengthen your database

Enhancing your existing data will increase your data’s potential. Boost your database with extra information or notes which will then be used and implemented by anyone who will deal with the source of the information.


Following these simple steps will help in building a database to be reckoned with. They will also help you to achieve a higher standard of data quality, which in turn puts your business  on the right track to generate more revenue.




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