3 Ways to increase activity on your Facebook business page

FacebookCreating a company Facebook profile goes hand-in-hand with creating a website for your business. Having an online presence is important when wanting potential customers to access your company’s products or services. Social media is not always the easiest approach when engaging with potential or existing customers. Maintaining a good relationship with your audience via Facebook can be accomplished with these easy methods:


  • Pose questions to your audience

Not only are questions great for branding as they promote your business as one that’s looking to learn from your clients, but it also serves as a selfish social media boost. Every person who engages (meaning likes, shares or comments) on a question that you post boosts the number of people who further see that piece of content. The type of question that you pose on your social media page can range from a simple yes or no poll, a fan-favorite vote or even a short survey on your customer’s perception of your latest product.


  • Tips & tricks

No one knows your industry better than you do – so why not show off your expertise by gifting your social media fans with some insider tricks of your trade. It’s easier than you think, and the on-page engagement is well worth it.


  • The face behind the name

People buy from brands they trust and like. Your social media page is the perfect place to show off the beating heart behind your business. Posting behind the scenes photos or interviews with your staff is one way to make your Facebook audience feel like their business is a part of something bigger and can add a level of trust and familiarity to your business.


Consistent and substantial content on your Facebook business page is always important when wanting to adding value to your business and how your brand can benefit the customer. Just the right text associated with your brand that relates to your audience could make you go viral. The more people see your content, the more they likely they are to like it.


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