3 ways quality trumps quantity in business



Focusing on quality should be a priority for any business and includes everything from the design of the website to the latest product you have to offer. The quality vs. quantity debate can be relevant to every aspect of your business. You should aim to optimise your sales processes, marketing efforts, employee happiness, customer satisfaction and every other facet of your business. With these 3 approaches to running your business, you’ll focus on doing better instead of just getting more.


1. Higher quality leads

The quality of your customer data affects every step in your customer’s journey with your brand. Low quality leads waste your team’s time and efforts. High quality leads should be nurtured from their point of interest in your businesses’ offerings. Focus on consistently identifying the best possible buyers.

2. Don’t take SEO shortcuts

If you know about search engine optimisation (SEO), you’ve probably encountered some tips or tricks that may seem easier than the actual process. These are illegal methods to boost your website traffic. These shortcuts are almost always a short-term hack until search engine algorithms catch them and penalize them. Focus on one very high quality site instead of several lower quality ones.

3. Targeted marketing campaigns

Be precise with your marketing. It’s more effective to take the time to research, analyse and create a marketing campaign for an appropriate demographic rather than pay for thousands of inserts in the biggest newspaper in town.


Quantity makes you feel good in the short term, but quality is the ideal. Customer and brand loyalty is the main goal for any business. What matters is the quality of your business and relationships affiliated with your brand. Focus on that and your business will naturally thrive from the inside out. It takes a more time, but there are no real shortcuts when it comes to business success.

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