4 Customer service tips to help improve client relations

Customer service is a challenging field to work in, needing just the right combination of communication skills and technical product knowledge to deliver a great experience. There is always something your support team can do to improve the processes involved in customer service and the following are four tips to help achieve this:


  1. Focus on the needs of the customer

Support consultants should be just as invested in a customer’s situation as the customer itself. Rather than looking for shortcuts or quick-fixes, support teams should look for long-term solutions that will promote success for the customer in the long run.


  1. Flip the ‘apology’ switch

There are many times where support agents find themselves apologising for things that they have no control over. Rather than apathetically apologising repeatedly, instead start thanking customers for their patience.


  1. Be emotionally intelligent

Support agents should possess the ability to interpret and decipher customer emotions and respond to them in a constructive manner. For example, some customers are less patient than others. These customers may seem pushy or over-demanding, but someone with strong emotional intelligence would focus on fulfilling the customer’s goals rather than on the customer’s behaviour.


  1. Be positive

It’s important to use positive language because it encourages a better customer experience. Positive responses to customers can prevent escalations and minimizes the complexity of the issue, reminding the customer that your business is still the best option for help.


First impressions are crucial to providing great customer service. These tips will elevate your business’s image and make customers want to dial your number for assistance. Even the most seasoned support agents need to practice their skills and add new tricks to their trade. Your reputation directly contributes to turning leads into customers and a great service referral is just what any business needs.








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