4 Ways to protect your CRM data from hackers

CRM systems enable businesses to build strong customer relationships, find new prospective customers and drive up revenues. CRM systems, though, also contain so much customer data and present themselves as a potential goldmine for hackers. If your CRM data is compromised, it can destroy the trust that your customers have in your company and potentially cause harm to your business. Here are four ways you can protect your CRM data from hackers:


  1. Choose a trusted vendor

All established CRM providers will have a web page or PDF that lays out the security procedures they follow to secure their customer data. Look for this documentation on a provider’s website or contact them and ask for this information, which will help you decide if their solution fits your organisation’s needs.


  1. Secure your data

Start by installing a firewall that will allow you to control who has access to your data. Next, install an anti-malware application to protect your CRM data from viruses, worms, trojans and the like. Lastly, it’s best to ensure that you regularly update your operating system.


  1. Train your staff

Many data breaches happen because employees unintentionally or carelessly pass around documents, data and even passwords. As technology evolves, it’s possible that your security protocols have become outdated. Educate them about safe internet browsing, how to avoid falling victim to phishing attacks and to not conduct sensitive transactions over public wireless networks.


  1. Correct use passwords

One of the most common reasons why a system can be hacked is that it uses common passwords that are easy to guess. Strong passwords and the use of password managers will maintain another level of security for your CRM system.

It is advisable to set up security alerts that notify you in case of unauthorised access or security breaches. With a multi-layered security system and well-trained employees, you can focus on growing your business instead of worrying about when your business might be hacked.





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