4 Ways to update your Mid-Year marketing plan

marketing plan


As the mid-year checkpoint approaches, it is now the best time to analyse and review your marketing plan’s overall performance.


  1. Taking a look back at your marketing plan for the year is the first important step in making the remainder of the year a success. It is crucial to analyse the strategies that have worked really well and those that have not, in order to identify the minor or major changes that need to be made through the year. Take your time when reviewing your plan. Ask your team what worked best and find out why the strategies that did not work were unsuccessful.


  1. Now take a step back. Go back to the inception of the ideas that were chosen for your marketing plan. Recall all of the great campaign ideas and make a list of the ideas that were not used in your marketing plan. Evaluate your organisation’s return on investment (ROI) from the marketing campaigns that you have executed thus far. It is important to identify which campaigns were successful or not, so that these tips can be applied to the refurbished campaigns that will be carried out of the remainder of the year.


  1. So you’ve analysed the first-half of the year’s marketing strategies, now it’s time to put all of these findings into practice and create an action plan for the next six months. Figure out what needs to be eliminated from your original marketing plan, where to invest more time, effort and money into and where it makes the most sense to do so. Map out ways to apply it more directly towards your marketing efforts moving forward.


  1. Once you have amended your marketing plan, refresh your organisation’s content to align with the updated marketing plan. The strategies and campaigns that have been added to your marketing plan should align with your brand’s story. Content marketing is most successful when it is up-to-date and current.


Just because you’re in the middle of the year doesn’t mean you can’t add items to your marketing plan though! Taking a refreshed approach will give your marketing and sales teams a better understanding of what to expect. Success involves consistent checkups on marketing efforts and will benefit your organisation’s ROI.




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