5 Call features to enhance your sales team’s performance

The nature of sales has evolved in recent times due to much technological advancement that salespeople and customers alike can benefit from.  Evidently in recent times, sales teams spend more time onsite contacting leads through calls, emails and social media, with only a few face-to-face encounters shared between them. While sales professionals often have their own approach towards closing deals, verbal calls still prove to be an effective way advancing through a sales pipeline. Here are five features to look for when choosing a provider to best suit your business:


  1. Call Transfers & Forwarding: Heading out of the office but still want to take calls? Set up call forwarding so customers can still reach you. Rather than having customers wait to get through to you, enable your colleagues to simply transfer the call through to you.


  1. Call Recording: Recording a call allows salespeople and managers to review it later for customer insights, training purposes or simply to have a historical record. Call transcription is an effective alternative that provides an advantage over a recording in that it’s generally easier to scan a body of text than to skim through an audio recording. Make sure customers know that the call will be recorded before the conversation begins.


  1. CRM Integration:Some CRM integrations allow users to make calls directly from their CRM.

This data can also be logged and tracked to be included in the activity timelines for sales opportunities and CRM reports.


  1. Add Notes: Taking notes during calls enables salespeople to add context to a particular customer. This allows the entire sales team to leverage past information when confronted with a customer and create a more familiar and personalised experience when dealing with their prospective client.


  1. Caller Context: Call software that integrates with your CRM software can generate popups with important information about the contact’s last interaction with your company. This gives salespeople a great advantage when wanting to personalise conversations with every customer.



If your business benefits from sales calls or you simply want to track outbound business related calls and incorporate associated data into reports and business processes, you’ll want a cloud-based calling solution that integrates with your CRM. This keeps agents on top of their sales activity even when they take their attention away from the sales platform.









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