Bath Rugby

Bath Rugby aims for more conversions with Maximizer CRM 11

A leading provider of simple, accessible and affordable customer relationship management (CRM) systems – has supplied premiership side Bath Rugby with a new customer relationship management system to support its ambitious growth plans. Bath Rugby aims for more conversions with Maximizer CRM 11.

Maximizer has been working with Bath Rugby to implement CRM 11 Group edition, which went live in November. The club has been a long-term Maximizer customer and had been using an earlier version of the Maximizer system for around eight years, but felt the time was right to upgrade to support its growth strategy, as well as make more extensive use of the CRM software throughout the club.

Mark Wilson, finance director, Bath Rugby, explains: “We are very keen on contributing to the community, building links with schools, colleges, universities, local clubs, business and the general public. This is being established through rugby coaching, education, and player appearances. Bath Rugby players are heavily involved and act as role models to children who come from a variety of backgrounds.

Our community team saw the benefit that the sales team was getting from Maximizer’s solution, and decided that they wanted to see if the software could also help them to manage their contacts within the community and make their work more efficient. The teams have been impressed and are looking forward to using the system in their day-to-day roles.

Ambitious targets

“We chose Maximizer because it is intuitive, flexible and powerful. The system gives us a top-down view of our significant customer database, which is invaluable for the sales team because it helps us track our customers’ preferences and gauge their interest in potential new products and services. The club has ambitious targets for growth, and we hope that by making best use of CRM 11 Group edition our corporate sales will be a driving force to help us meet those targets.”

Mark Carter, Maximizer’s head of marketing, EMEA, comments: “Bath Rugby provides many different packages to a large range of customers, from seats at matches for local businesses to shirt sponsorship packages for nationwide companies. Maximizer CRM 11 is sufficiently flexible and powerful to enable the club to handle this variety with ease, creating more high quality leads for the sales team and allowing them to use their time more efficiently. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Bath Rugby and supporting its plans for growth over the coming years.”

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