Boshoff Visser

Boshoff Visser
“Maximizer Enterprise has enabled an overall and significant improvement in productivity. We are confident stepping up to Maximizer Enterprise has improved productivity and customer care as well as sales point up selling”
– Kearney Theron, Chief Executive Officer

Maximising value out of office automation
Office automation has taken on a whole new role with demands being placed on organisations from a compliance and best practices perspective.

Virtually all data generated in the modern business has to be archived and stored; this includes electronic communications and details of interactions with clients and customers. That these processes need to be automated is a given, and this includes enterprises’ CRM environments, along with the traditional requirements in terms of ERP and other areas.

The Boshoff Visser Group offers a range of financial services to clients from its myriad offices in the Southern and Western Cape, and knows first-hand how challenging the current demands can be.

The company used to utilise a semi-automated CRM system, but decided it needed to upgrade to a more comprehensive solution that would enable electronic filing of all communications and advice along with documentation of all information.

This was prompted in part by legislative change regarding storage of client records, as well as Boshoff Visser’s objectives to improve customer care, productivity and revenue. The search for a CRM system can be a daunting task, but Boshoff Visser says having looked at the three different packages, including Spotlight and Microsoft CRM, the decision to go with Maximizer Enterprise was a no-brainer.

That’s because Maximizer Enterprise is a leader in electronic filing and also tackles space issues with no more hefty paper files lying around. It also makes information much easier to locate, thereby improving the overall efficiency and productivity of the business. Based on its experience with Maximizer’s South African business partner Camsoft, which helped it implement the system, the group also felt Maximizer would be able to support its future needs. “Camsoft, who presented and installed the product, have been great from day-one. “There were the inevitable teething issues during the learning curve experience, but they really helped us through this and the after sales service was excellent. Even tough they are three hours’ drive away but it doesn’t matter because they provide great support over the phone.”

The system also helped its customers to feel more secure, knowing their data was safely stored and easily accessible. In fact, Maximizer Enterprise has enabled the group to really boost customer care and efficiency, with staff able to access client data remotely when visiting customers.

“The data is very easy to find,” comments Kearney Theron, Chief Executive Officer of Boshoff Visser. “The whole customer portfolio is electronically stored and can be retrieved easily in the office and on customer site. It couldn’t be simpler.”

Another major advantage comes from being able to use the stored data for effective business intelligence.

“Being able to analyse all our data is a real bonus,” comments Kearney. Via Maximizer Enterprise, Boshoff Visser’s financial consultants are able to get a clear, easily accessible picture of what services clients are already using and what services they might need in the future – enabling pitches to be made at the appropriate time. The company has grown 20% in the past year, and attributes a healthy percentage of this growth to an effective implementation of automated CRM.

Data is also easily synchronised between the company’s six offices and can be customised to fit the company’s needs as it continues to grow and develop.

“Maximizer was easy to fine-tune to the way we do business,” explains Kearney.

The product’s ease of use was also a draw. “With staff from 20-year-old geniuses to 55-year-old professionals who do not have a long history of computer use, the product had to be easy for some and fully featured for the real computer enthusiasts,” adds Kearney. “The system had to fit the needs of the staff, as well as benefiting the clients.”

“Maximizer Enterprise has enabled an overall and significant improvement in productivity,” continues Kearney, “we are confident stepping up to Maximizer Enterprise has improved productivity and customer care as well as sales point up selling.”

Automation has saved the company time and ultimately led to improved business, proving that office automation, if done correctly, can lead to more than just effective data warehousing. If the right solution is chosen, further value can be derived from analytics based on past business.

Final verdict
“[Maximizer Enterprise has enabled] an overall and significant improvement in productivity,” concludes Kearney. “We are confident stepping up to Maximizer Enterprise has improved productivity and customer care as well as sales point up selling.”