“I am confident that the solution will be able to cater for the growth of the database in the future”
– Elena Cerri, Assistant IT Manager, Schroders Italy

Company Information
Industry: Asset Management
Location: Italy
Product: Maximizer CRM 10.5
Users: 25

Schroders is a major asset management company with one of the largest networks of offices and over 300 portfolio managers and analysts covering the world’s investment markets. Their offices in Rome and Milan rely on Maximizer CRM to track their relationship with clients and conduct targeted marketing activities. This helps ensure they build stronger, more profitable relationships with their clients, and generate better leads with clients through more effective marketing.

Maintaining market leadership
With £139.1 billion under management in 2007,Schroders apply their specialist asset management skills serving the needs of their global clients that include corporations, insurance companies, local and public authorities, charities, pension funds, high net worth individuals and retail investors. The company’s rich history extends back to its founding in 1804 and Schroders became a listed company on the London Stock Exchange in 1959.

The company’s Italian offices were established in 1995 and over the subsequent 13 years Schroders has established itself as a leader in the Italian asset management market with core offices based in Milan and Rome and smaller satellite premises elsewhere in the country.

Tracking customer engagement
Schroders in Italy relies on Maximizer CRM for the tracking of its customer engagements since 1997, when the company adopted version 3 of Maximizer Enterprise.

“At Schroders we use Maximizer to track all of our client history,” says Elena Cerri, assistant IT manager at Schroders Italy. “Through Maximizer, Schroders keeps records of all documentation that has been sent to clients and other transactional details. Maximizer is also used to generate leads for new business and in targeted-marketing activities.”

By using Maximizer to track its relationships with clients, Schroders Italy has managed to ensure consistent repeat business from the 8000-plus clients the company has in the country, and to explore new business opportunities through conducting targeted, personalised marketing activities with its client database.

Cerri says that the company has now upgraded their Maximizer CRM solution and is definitely considering upgrading to the latest Maximizer CRM in the near future, to make sure Schroders will keep up the high level of customer engagement needed for their business.

“In the future we plan to extend our use of Maximizer,” she continues. “And to use additional modules for the software, such as the Workflow Automation capabilities”

Cerri adds that the company has set up Maximizer to synchronise its database between the offices in Rome and Milan.

“We do this using MaxExhange to synchronise email and calendar data between the two sites,” she explains.

Planning a future with Maximizer
Cerri says that Schroders Italian offices have over 8000 client records stored in its Maximizer Microsoft SQL database with 5 users in Rome and 20 in Milan. She is confident that the solution will be able to cater for the growth of the database in the future.

Marco Salomone, Managing Director at EagleProject; Maximizer’s Certified Business Partner in Italy who were responsible for Maximizer’s deployment at Schroders added; “We are now working with Schroders on fax integration with Maximizer and utilisation of mobile features of the software in future,” says Salomone. “We are also planning to introduce business intelligence concepts with analysis on the database, definition of workflow and driving CRM as a methodology within the company.”

Schroders Italy has a history of success with Maximizer that extends over the last decade and is committed to fully utilising the platform in the future as it continues to grow its business and maintain a large portfolio of satisfied customers.