DAA – Dublin Airport Authority


“Maximizer CRM’s security features means we can enforce the utmost security standards in all procedures”
– Mary Leahy, Head of Protocol, DAA

Company Information
Industry: Airport Management/Aviation
Location: Ireland
Product: Maximizer CRM 10.5

Key Benefits
• Ability to easily consolidate and categorise information
• Option to restrict information to only those entitled to access it
• Integrates with existing finance system to give holistic view

DAA is tasked with the management, operation and development of Dublin, Cork and Shannon airports in Ireland as well as domestic and international airport retail management and airport investment. The company will use Maximizer CRM as a reservation and booking system for its VIP clients.

Clear information
Maximizer CRM’s solution was selected over other providers due to its enhanced security features. These allow highly sensitive information about customers to be held securely on a central database, rather than relying on this information being passed on via word of mouth or by e-mail. The solution will enable DAA to easily consolidate and clearly categorise this information, which can be accessed by authorised users on-site or by logging-in remotely

Security Conscious
Mary Leahy, Head of Protocol, DAA, explains: “Maximizer CRM’s security features enabled us to encrypt information by category, restricting access to relevant personnel. As an organisation with high profile clients, ranging from royalty to, presidents, prime ministers and high profile business clients, it is imperative to enforce the utmost security standards in all our procedures.”

Tailor made
Ease of customisation was also a key requirement for DAA. Karl Manweiler, product manager at Maximizer Certified Business Partner; Software Support Systems Ltd, who will be implementing the software solution comments: “Maximizer CRM was perfect for DAA as it not only offered the security features needed to ensure the highest levels of security, but also provided the ability to tailor the solution specifically to the airport operator’s requirements.

Vivek Thomas, managing director EMEA, Maximizer Software, added: “Maximizer CRM allows DAA to ensure this highly sensitive information is held securely in one place. This is an essential part of streamlining any company as it reduces time spent by agents in retrieving relevant information. We are looking forward to seeing DAA realise the business development and growth benefits of Maximizer CRM together with the contribution it will make to helping DAA strengthen its service to customers.”