Danielson Europe

“Maximizer is proving to be an integral and essential part of Danielson Europe’s operation. It has become the ultimate sales management tool and will be contributory factor in our efforts to grow in revenue and profitability in the coming years”
– Gildo Wanders. Marketing & Sales Manager, Danielson Europe

Company Information
Industry: Manufacturing
Location: Netherlands & UK
Product: Maximizer CRM 10
Users: 31

Key Benefits
• Synchronisation and access between sales and marketing managers in different countries
• Increased intelligence and knowledge of customer needs
• Adapt to business development and evolve in line with operations
• Usability, integration capacity and on-the-ground support

Manufacturing company Danielson Europe choose Maximizer CRM to integrate their various databases and enhance their pan-European sales management to provide the ultimate tool in order to increase revenue and profitability in the coming years.

The face of manufacturing
Danielson Europe is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of components for Man Machine Interfaces (MMI) with a comprehensive range of products, including membrane switches, touch screens and industrial graphics. In 2006, the previously named Danielson Netherlands, Danielson UK Ltd and De Naamplaat merged to create Danielson Europe and the company now employs over 175 people across two sites – one in the UK and the other in the Netherlands.

Synchronisation across borders
Following the merger in 2006, Danielson Europe required a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that would serve as a comprehensive customer contact database, creating synergy between the two sites. This database would store company and contact-specific data.

Prior to this, customer details were kept on a variety of systems, including Microsoft Outlook and ACT. The CRM package Danielson Europe chose needed to integrate these various databases to provide pan-European access by sales account managers, marketing and customer service personnel. The ultimate goal was to boost sales and customer service management efficiently and effectively through sales funnel management, workflow management and shared agendas.

In addition to this, it was necessary for the system to allow seamless integration of marketing and sales data into the company’s existing reporting methods, as well as the ability to create a secure, smooth import of active databases and a functional information-only link to the ERP system.

On a practical level, it was important for Danielson Europe to have a system that could function within a standard IT server environment. A certified partner able to install, support and manage the system was also crucial. As Danielson Europe grows and expands into other European countries, it wanted its CRM system to grow with it, with certified partners on the ground to support and manage developments such as upgrades, mobility and data management. Since Danielson Europe viewed selection of a CRM package as a long term investment, it conducted an evaluation of system providers in November 2007.

Two sites – one solution
During the evaluation process, Danielson Europe conducted research and gathered opinion on four CRM system providers – ACT, Visual CRM, Microsoft CRM Dynamics and Maximizer Software. Maximizer Software’s CRM 10 product stood out due to its usability, integration capacity and on-the-ground support through Maximizer certified business partner Systony.

By providing an intelligent, usable database containing all the information required, Maximizer CRM 10 allowed easy access for sales, marketing and customer service personnel. From lead generated marketing data to sales information and customer service enquires, Maximizer Software was able to provide a fully comprehensive piece of software, for integration with Danielson Europe’s existing systems.

Gildo Wanders, marketing and sales manager at Danielson Europe comments: “Our customer and prospect information was previously spread over numerous systems so collaboration between the UK and Netherlands was dependent on phone calls and emails. With Maximizer CRM 10 all relevant personnel are able to access and update these details irrespective of location or department. This allows our staff to be more efficient and increases productivity.”

Aside from the application package that Maximizer Software was offering, the level of service impressed the Danielson Europe team. In order to partner with a company on something as important as overhauling the whole database system, Danielson Europe felt it essential that the chosen provider truly understood its business and requirements and could work together to adapt and develop the system.

Wanders continues: “Maximizer was the only provider we looked at that was able to offer a certified business partner, Systony, to install, manage and support both our UK and Netherlands sites. As the business develops we will be able to use Systony to adapt Maximizer to evolve in line with our operation.”

An integral part of the operation
Danielson Europe deployed a two stage implementation programme for Maximizer CRM 10, with the Netherlands site going live in June 2008 and the UK site in September 2008.

Since implementing Maximizer CRM 10, the company has a more transparent commercial process where team members can access all customer information in order to stay up-to-date on developments. Wanders comments, “People are now able to track communications with customers, from initial call to regular customer interaction, including queries or contacts they have with Danielson Europe, through one central resource. This in turn leads to increased productivity as the time taken to gather information is greatly reduced.”

Danielson Europe’s vision for implementing Maximizer Software was to increase its professional standards as the premier pan-European MMI supplier – to increase efficiency and effectiveness in marketing, sales and customer service. This vision is now being realised.

Wanders continues: “Before installing Maximizer we had no common system and, as a result, limited data. Now we can speak to customers and prospects with intelligence and increased knowledge of their needs. This intelligence has also been aligned to our reporting structure.”

Moving forward, Danielson Europe will be trialling MaxMobile for its personnel in the field. Through MaxMobile these employees will benefit from instant mobile access to customers, leads, schedules, sales deals and forecasts, and service cases directly on their smart phone or PDA handset.

Speaking about MaxMobile and its benefits, Martijn Rijnders, CRM Consultant at Maximizer Software certified business partner, Systony, says: “MaxMobile reflects the growing sophistication in business development by allowing organisations to access their leads and database remotely. This in turn helps them to compete globally, which is vital in the current economic downturn.”

Wanders concludes: “Maximizer is proving to be an integral and essential part of Danielson Europe’s operation. It has become the ultimate sales management tool and will be contributory factor in our efforts to grow in revenue and profitability in the coming years.”

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