“Having implemented Maximizer CRM, our company saves at least 250 hours per year.”
– Marco Karman, Managing Director, Ecoratio

Company Information
Industry: Building
Location: Europe
Product: Maximizer Enterprise 9
Users: 10

Ecoratio is an international company that sells innovative chemical products used by the building industry. With offices spread across five countries in Europe, Ecoratio needed an effective CRM solution that wouldconnect all of its offices on the continent. Ecoratio decided to implement Maximizer Enterprise CRM to enhance the sharing of information company-wide and to enable an improved and simplified analysis of customer data.

Keeping customer data synchronised across multiple international sites in Europe with improved and simplified analyses of customers information.

Using Maximizer Enterprise 9 for ten users, Ecoratio’s international operations are connected for data capture and synchronisation.

Ecoratio saves 250 hours per year as a minimum and has gained improved transparency and availability of information

Keeping It Together
As a successful provider of industrial chemical products, Ecoratio has several presences in Europe including an operational base in the Netherlands and facilities in Germany, Austria, the UK and Sweden. This includes representatives working out of home offices across the continent. The challenge for Ecoratio was therefore to keep all of these operational presences connected in terms of customer data and ensure it can maximise past data to improve future business.

Before implementing Maximizer, Ecoratio had no dedicated CRM system. Instead the company relied on email to distribute information with no centrally located data store.

It became obvious that a growing business like Ecoratio with its large presence all over Europe needed a better solution in the form of a reliable CRM application to easily synchronise all its data, according to Marco Karman, Managing Director of Ecoratio.

A Cohesive Solution
Requiring a relatively small initial install base but with the need for a comprehensive CRM solution that would allow for the synchronisation of offices across Europe, Ecoratio was immediately drawn to Maximizer. Maximizer Enterprise met all of the company’s requirements in terms of connectivity with easily-configurable modules, while being scalable to suit possible future growth.

“No other solutions were seriously considered,” says Marco Karman, managing director for Ecoratio. “One of our employees had previous experience with Maximizer Enterprise as a standalone product and affirmed our belief that Maximizer CRM would be the best fit for our needs.”

Basing the solution on Maximizer Enterprise 9, Systony; Maximizer certified Business Partner in the Netherlands, adapted the product to Ecoratio’s specific requirements. Systony’s Managing Director Martijn Rijnders had no doubt that this would be the prefect solution for Ecoratio as Maximizer Enterprise is simple to customise and quick to deploy, thanks to powerful modules provided by Maximizer and with a phased project strategy that effectively plans for implementation, identifying business goals and planning integration before beginning implementation, ”we managed to effectively and productively implement an up and running CRM solution that fits Ecoratio’s needs like a glove,” adds Rijnders.

Ecoratio required the system to be linked up throughout its operations in Europe allowing for data synchronisation with presences in different countries. Thanks to the MaxExchange module in Maximizer, setting up synchronisation schemas between offices was a quick and easy process.

Now with Maximizer CRM, when customers interact with Ecoratio their data is quickly and easily captured into a relationship management system which is kept synchronised between multiple sites throughout Europe. This data can then effectively and very simply be accessed for daily use, tracking, reporting and for different analyses.

“It’s amazing how a useful and efficient CRM solution can contribute to your business’ overall results,” says Karman. “And how effectively it can improve the business’ performance.”

“The Maximizer solution has helped Ecoratio to become more productive, save time with our working processes and enables the company to have more control over our data, with the ability to monitor and easily follow up with information flow.” stated Karman.

Time and Transparency
Karman says that Maximizer Enterprise has saved the company many hours per year. “By using Maximizer CRM, users can now save around a minimum of 30 minutes a week,” he says. ”Having implemented Maximizer, our company saves at least 250 hours per year.”

“Maximizer CRM has also brought improved transparency to the company,” he continues, “and reinforced the readiness and availability of information.”

As the first CRM solution ever to be implemented by Ecoratio, Maximizer has provided the company with a customer-centric environment that is comprehensive, scalable and ready to grow with the business.