Fourier Approach

Fourier Approach

Storing of comprehensive information and best practice of sales automation process with Maximizer CRM

Company Information
Industry: IT
Location: Centurion, South Africa
Product: Maximizer 9 Pervasive

South African firm Fourier Approach Pty (Ltd) is a privately owned company operating in the information technology and information systems arena. The company, based in Centurion, was founded in March 1999 and renders business and system analyst consulting services, and information system acquisition process definition and management as part of its service.

Fourier runs Maximizer Enterprise 9 CRM Pervasive Workgroup on its systems, including the Contact Management, Sales Opportunities, Synchronisation and Reporting modules.

Automatic success
The company first moved to Maximizer as a response to an increasing need to store comprehensive information on customers. It also wanted a sales automation process to ensure its sales staff worked to a standardised and ‘best practice’ format.

Thanks to the implementation of Maximizer, says the company, both of these objectives were achieved. “The collection and reporting on data is enhanced by the remote synch so data can be collected by internal and external staff and synched,” explains marketing manager Jakes van der Mescht. “We are also able to gather quality competitive information using the Maximizer sales opportunity system (Sales Automation).”

Jakes adds that data collection and sales automation are critical to the company in light of the fact that it sells end-to-end solutions that require professional account management.

Well informed
Maximizer has also enabled the company to share valuable information across the entire sales team. Further, Maximizer helps the company to make informed decisions about its business. For example, the sales forecasting functionality enables it to analyse what business is due in and employ staff with the appropriate expertise based on that information.

Comfort zone
Maximizer’s user-friendliness has also ensured buy-in from Fourier’s staff. “There are many ways to do things with Maximizer,” says Jakes. “You can use it the way that suits you and/or the way that is most productive for any particular issue. Each person can use the system in a way that suits them and they feel comfortable with, but we still get accurate and consistent data on which to generate reports and business information.”

The professionals
Fourier can always feel confident in the support of Maximizer’s South African business partner Cyber Wiz, which Jakes describes as “very professional”. “They use call logging and tracking, so they always follow up on our queries. Of course nobody expects things to go completely smoothly and without incident all the time; but Cyber Wiz are always there to help when we need them.”

Final verdict
“The solution gives me what I need to meet my objectives,” concludes Jakes. “We invest in the relationships we have with our customer. There can be no shortcuts”