“Maximizer does not have the limitations I know other software packages have. The program is also very flexible because you can add and change parts”
– Gerwin Eersen Managing Director Gflex

Company Information
Industry: IT
Location: Netherlands
Product: Maximizer CRM 11

Key Benefits
• Generating more qualified leads through Campaign Manager
• Improved productivity and team performance
• Effective deployment for smooth transition into business operations
• Flexible and customisable to help boost internal processes and increase customer interactions

Gflex provides computers, laptops, network equipment and periodic IT management. Located in Holland and serving small, medium and large organisations, they also provide network equipment, supplies and other necessities.

The challenge
Gflex needed to integrate with their accounts system so they could capitalise on the wealth of information stored in their accounts package. Being able to access customer financial data directly would mean sales and customer service staff would be able to prepare for meetings more efficiently and maximise customer satisfaction.

Gflex also required a system that allows them to interact with their customers on a more personal level. To do this they needed to see a full history of all communications with the client and record every touchpoint. Originally in 2007 they decided on another solution for their company. A lot was promised but never delivered. Their system was not allowing them to record all communications, the product was not flexible and staff found that the usability was poor. Gflex decided they needed to find another CRM system that would work with their business and deliver the benefits they longed for in their original plan.

The Selection Process
Gflex began the process again and at that point remembered Systony, a Certified Solution Provider of Maximizer Software, from their original consultation process. When inviting them for a demo, Systony highlighted the simplicity of using Maximizer CRM to record all customer interactions, and the efficiency in deployment, accessibility and flexibility.

The demo of Maximizer CRM and Systony’s professional services convinced Gflex that this would be the right choice. The flexibility and scalability for a CRM system to grow at the same speed as their company and the skillset that Systony could offer was the defining factor. Gerwin Eersen, Managing Director of Gflex reflects “We had a solution from a competitor, but it promised a lot and we got a little. The structure of Maximizer was very nice and we got what Systony promised! Maximizer is very user friendly and easy to adopt. I could see it was going to save us a lot of time and mistakes”

Gflex decided to go with the All Access licencing on offer, allowing them to access their CRM from their office, online, or through their smartphones. This allows their sales team to be proactive in the field and be supplied with key information, allowing quicker response times, build customer intimacy and boost productivity.

Deployment of Maximizer was a very short process. After signing the contract, Systony were able to get Maximizer up and running for Gflex in less than 1 month. Martijn Rijnders, CRM consultant of Systony states “we were able to prepare Maximizer CRM for deployment in a very short time frame. The flexibility of Maximizer and expertise of our staff meant that we could add the customised features Gflex requested without any hassle.”

The Benefits
The flexibility of Maximizer CRM is beneficial to Gflex, and perhaps one of the defining factors for choosing Maximizer. “Maximizer does not have the limitations I know other software packages have. The program is also very flexible because you can add and change parts” says Gerwin when referring to setting up his user defined fields and navigational preferences. Gflex saw an increase in staff productivity due to Maximizer and Systony’s BFP interface. The optimised usability on offer through a modern, simple interface, combined with single click navigation offers greater visibility. Gerwin continues, “it’s very good because of it’s simple to use tabbed interface. You cannot get lost in Maximizer. Even people without computer or software understanding can find their way.”

With Quotewerks integration, Gflex were able to service their customers efficiently and effectively. The seamless integration gave frontline staff immediate access to customer financial data to enable quicker response times to customer demands and business critical activities. Gerwin said “this integration has made our quotes and invoice process more efficient. We can now perform and view our financial activities more effectively.”

The Marketing Automation feature in Maximizer is one that has been very beneficial to Gflex. The ability to drill down into email campaigns and extract information such as read, click and unsubscribe statistics have helped Gflex generate more qualified leads, respond to customer interests and improve results.

To evaluate the benefits Gflex have already seen with Maximizer CRM, Gerwin surmises “the best thing with Maximizer is that when you look for a record, in just 2 or 3 clicks you know everything there is to know, whether it is related to communications, sales, marketing, customer service or the install base. We cannot live without this anymore.”

The future
At time of writing Gflex are already looking to the future and coordinating ways in which they can make the customer experience even better. With the key focus on streamlining processes to enhance productivity and increase customer interaction, Gflex have purchased the Customer Portal and are looking to automate processes within their team. “I want to start with Workflow Automation from KnowledgeSync to send alerts to my colleagues and to send out alert messages to customers, for instance when a contract is about to expire” says Gerwin.

Martijn Rijnders substantiates this by adding “we are always looking at ways to help our clients improve their business processes and forge stronger relationships. We are always on hand to help Gflex plan and deliver for the future.”