Koninklijke Auping

“Thanks to Maximizer CRM we are now able to effectively manage communications, contact details and transactions with our customers.”
– Jakob de Vries, Systems Engineer, Koninklijke Auping bv.

Company Information

Industry: Manufacturing
Location: Netherlands
Product: Maximizer CRM 10
Users: 35

Key Benefits

• Remote workers staying up to date with CRM database
• Obvious time savings through process automation via the Workflow Automation module
• Better work efficiency due to synchronised information
• Completely customised solution to specific client requirements
• Online orders automatically recorded

Koninklijke Auping bv is one of the oldest and largest producers of bedroom furniture in Europe. Primarily manufacturing mattresses and beds, the Dutch company has been in businesses for over 75 years and exports its luxury products to Belgium, Denmark, Spain and other countries around the globe. Servicing a multitude of international customers, Koninklijke Auping is reliant on effective customer relationship management (CRM) tools and has been making use of Maximizer solutions for twelve years. The company recently decided to upgrade to Maximizer’s latest edition.

A long relationship with Maximizer

As one of the largest furniture manufacturers in Europe and with a worldwide customer-base, Koninklijke Auping is also one of the oldest organisations of its kind. The company’s market leadership can largely be attributed to the effective management of customer relationships and of course, quality products that support the brand.

The company has been using Maximizer CRM solutions for twelve years in managing its customer relationships. Jakob de Vries, systems engineer at Koninklijke Auping bv, says that the initial decision to go with Maximizer was made many years ago when the need to better manage their customers was identified.

“Part of the reason for implementing Maximizer back then had to do with its capability to easily transfer data to computers in the sales department,” he says.

Since the initial Maximizer implementation the company has not looked back or considered competitive CRM offerings, it was that easy and we couldn’t understand how we did it without it. Since then the furniture manufacturer realised the need to upgrade for improved features and functionalities and decided to move to Maximizer’s latest edition to make sure the system will comply with the business growth requirements.

As part of the upgrade, Koninklijke Auping required that Maximizer be configured to interface with its enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and wanted to make its CRM systems available to remote users.

Integration and mobility

Systony; Maximizer Certified Business Partner in the NL was chosen to support and implement the upgrade and to provide Koninklijke Auping with the new functionality it required.

“Systony did a quick scan of our legacy Maximizer systems and provided a detailed report on what would be required,” says de Vries. “A plan was devised to implement the new version of Maximizer CRM via a step-by-step upgrading of the company’s hardware, as well as migrating Maximizer CRM onto the Microsoft SQL database server.

In addition, a new add-on was developed based on Koninklijke Auping requirements that would allow data to be imported from Koninklijke Auping’s ERP system. The add-on provided was able to synchronise with the company’s ERP system on a nightly basis. Orders made via the Internet are entered into the ERP system. The transaction information is then transferred to Maximizer CRM during the nightly updates. Furthermore, a Workflow Automation module was implemented to allow for process automation to take place at Koninklijke Auping through the Maximizer system.

Another benefit Koninklijke Auping are now able to take advantage of, with the implementation of the latest edition of Maximizer CRM is the mobility functionality of the business. The MaxMobile module for Maximizer CRM was implemented to allow laptop users that are not in the office to have remote access to the CRM environment, being able to access customer information anywhere, anytime.

Obvious Time Savings

We were already familiar with the Maximizer CRM for many years now and knew it was without a doubt the right way to go with the upgrade to the latest version, says De Vries. The Maximizer CRM system is so stable and for us it is a clear improvement, using the new improved features and the mobility functionalities that are now being used by all Koninklijke Auping employees.

“The additional features makes our CRM much more responsive now and with the addition of the Workflow Automation, Koninklijke Auping bv is saving a lot of time,” he affirms.

“Further time savings are gained from the fact that Maximizer CRM can be accessed remotely without having to be in the office, thanks to the use of MaxExchange,” adds de Vries.

He says that the integration of Maximizer CRM with Koninklijke Auping’s ERP systems ensure that information is kept up to date and more comprehensive data is stored for each of the company’s customers.

“Thanks to Maximizer CRM we are now able to effectively manage communications, contact details, and transactions with our customers,” he concludes.

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