“Maximizer CRM is a user friendly solution with functionality well suited to the recruitment industry. From a data capturing perspective and through the use of automation, we have seen a reduction in errors which has led to better data quality and faster, more accurate search results. This is important in the South African recruitment industry which is a saturated, cut-throat market. It’s a case of the fastest finger first in recruitment, and Maximizer helps us find and put forward quality candidates to clients before the competition does.”
– Amanda Dreyer, Managing Director, The Recruiters Network

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The Recruiters Network
Company Information
Industry: Recruitment
Location: South Africa
Product: Maximizer Version 12 Entrepreneur
Users: 5

Key Benefits
• Centralised database n Outlook® and LinkedIn® integration
• Instantaneous searches
• Access to critical data from the office or on the road
• Superior search functionality which maximizes time – previous system took around an hour for a search
• Boosted productivity
• Improved customer service
• Increased revenues – faster candidate searches mean a greater chance of putting candidate forward to client before competitors
• User-friendly
• Time savings of 40 minutes per candidate through document auto generation
• Added security and business safeguarding through user restrictions

About Recruiters Network
In February 2012, Amanda Dreyer and Megan Davids, who are both Directors, launched The Recruiters Network (TRN) in South Africa, a unique, high-level recruitment consultancy targeting the financial sector. Combining the best of traditional recruitment with advancing technology, the company is building its network one candidate at a time using a unique video-based platform to make the candidate profiling and filtering process faster and more effective.

No stranger to the recruitment industry with over 20 years’ experience collectively, Dreyer branched out from the agency she began, in which Davids became a partner in the latter part of 2006 – and formed a professional recruitment agency which, over the years, developed a searchable online job board called The Recruiters (PTY) Ltd.

The Challenge
“At the previous agency, a partner introduced a customised Outlook® database which simply didn’t have the capacity to cope. Unstable and continuously freezing, it took up to an hour to produce search results, making it very difficult to use on a daily basis, not only in terms of user frustration but also in meeting client objectives,” explains Dreyer.

The limited fields couldn’t handle the multiple choice requirements needed by TRN, which are vital for candidate coding purposes and subsequent search-ability. If further multiple choice fields were added, the system kicked out existing fields to make place for the new categories, making it untrustworthy.”

Why Maximizer CRM
“Working in recruitment for over a decade now, Maximizer CRM is the most popular brand I’ve come across and not without reason,” explains Dreyer. “Having used Maximizer for three years in a previous role, I found it to be user friendly and very well suited to the needs of the recruitment industry in comparison to other systems.

In times of frustration with the Outlook® database both Megan and I would contact Maximizer’s Certified Solutions Partner, Camsoft Solutions, based in Cape Town for a new system quote, this went on for six years and finally, when launching TRN, we sought advice once again from Nelia and Graeme at Camsoft.

The brief was clear – a reliable, established system that offered contact and document management, multiple field options and excellent search functionality. After a thorough review of our requirements, Camsoft reconfirmed our position that Maximizer CRM would be the most suitable solution,” adds Dreyer.

The Implementation
Working alongside Camsoft Solutions, TRN implemented a CRM system that met its complex business needs. In addition to the candidate registration functions, the system provides sales opportunity management, Outlook® integration, scheduling and reporting features. Four months later, the consultancy upgraded to Maximizer CRM 12 Entrepreneur to benefit from its LinkedIn® integration, an obvious plus for the recruitment industry. With Maximizer’s Software Assurance in place, the upgrade was included and simple to complete. Plus TRN has peace of mind knowing that it will continue to benefit from upgrades as Maximizer continually enhances the functionality of the software.

Maximizer in action
“Recruitment is not just about finding the right people for the job. It starts with finding the right CVs and for this Maximizer CRM is invaluable acting as a central database where candidate profiles and supporting documents are saved alongside CVs,” Dreyer continues.

Registering candidates starts by taking the original CV to create a summary report of their employment history, skills sets, qualifications, criminal record checks availability and so on. Before, it was easy to make mistakes when retyping this data because of the quantity of candidate entries, the speed at which they were done or even a lapse in concentration.

Working with Camsoft, TRN created a template in Maximizer CRM that pulls the required data from the correct fields in the summary report to populate candidates’ information. This reporting functionality saves at least half an hour per candidate.

“I love Maximizer CRM’s ability to restrict end users from certain functions such as adding new fields, printing and downloading the database,” adds Dreyer. “This is critical in recruitment which doesn’t require a professional qualification, meaning practically anyone can set up their own business or operate as a freelance consultant. So if an employee decides to move on and start their own agency, it means that TRN’s candidate database – our business intelligence – is safe from being emailed, printed or saved onto an external hard drive.

“End user restriction also protects our data from becoming diluted and affecting search results. If a colleague wants to add in a new field in the occupation drop downs for example, they have to come to me with a justification as to why it should be added, as I am the only user with authority to add in fields for new occupation.”

Looking forward
While still very new and a work in progress, Maximizer CRM has been well received by all users. In addition to continued use of the system to reap the clear benefits delivered, future plans include the introduction of two new initiatives.

“First, we are looking to create a Consultants’ Hotlist, which will be a monthly marketing emailer, consisting of their top Candidates who are in the market for employment. The second initiative is to send personalised emails to candidates informing them of the latest available positions and updates in the recruitment industry. Both will leverage Maximizer’s automation and merge fields, pulling candidate details directly from system to maximize productivity and deliver personalised tailored messages to candidates, “ says Davids.

“We look forward to continuing a prosperous partnership with Maximizer Software and Camsoft Solutions to support the growth of TRN in a very competitive climate and evolve with our needs. It is true to say, our logo is ‘Working for you’ but ‘Maximizer works for us!”

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