Telekom Networks Malawi (TNM)


Maximizer CRM to bring new efficiencies to Malawi’s oldest mobile operator

Maximizer Software is pleased to announce that Telekom Networks Malawi (TNM) is installing an initial 75 licences of its latest customer relationship management (CRM) solution, Maximizer Version 10.5, to manage the client life cycle, reduce churn and increase revenue per customer at the telecommunications organisation. TNM’s network provides extensive coverage in all major regions and districts. The company offers advanced services backed by what is arguably the most reliable network in Malawi.

Mark Annett, Sales Manager and CRM specialist at Camsoft Solutions says as the oldest telecommunications provider in Malawi, TNM, has a long-established history in the market. It required an out-of-the-box solution that would allow them to build a 100 percent customer-centric organisation with little or no need for extensive customisation and disruption. They also required that the system be flexible and scalable so it could be customised at a later date if required. “With its continued focus on improving its proactive service to a growing customer base, the TNM’s call center division looked for a robust solution that can manage customer calls and enquiries quicker, and increase market share through advanced lead management using software that offers a measurable return on investment,” he says.

Werner Schrijver, CEO of TNM, says as Malawi’s premier mobile company, Maximizer will allow the organisation to rationalise core business processes, which will increase efficiency and shorten customer query turn-around times. “Currently we are in the implementation phase, the core focus being the call centre and its related activities. In future we plan to roll out Maximizer to other departments such as Sales and Marketing, for example,” says Schrijver.

Initially Maximizer will be integrated with the PABX and the TNM billing platform for post and pre-paid accounts. Schrijver says TNM contracted Camsoft Solutions to reduce the pressure on the operational management. “It’s important for us that the user adoption is soft so that they become accustomed to it and learn to use it properly. We are confident in Camsoft’s ability to support us in getting all the essentials in place, such as business processes, skills and mindset, and through their expertise will definitely avoid the well-known CRM pitfalls which many companies encounter when they try to go at it on their own.

“We at TNM are also very committed to use CRM the way it is supposed to be, not just another software tool, but a company wide mentality and focus. Maximizer helps us to lay a foundation for that,” he concludes.