VDA Multimedia

VDA Multimedia

“With the help of Maximizer, we will be make our business processes more efficient”
– Stefano Brenelli, Product Manager

Company Information
Industry: Infotainment, Leisure & Hospitality
Location: Pordenone, Italy
Product: Maximizer Enterprise 10
Users: 70

VDA Multimedia are a leading international provider of infotainment services to the luxury hotel industry.. Headquartered in Italy, the company was established in 1996 with the aim of offering hotels a complete package for developing technological and marketing solutions and content production. Their technology enables hotels to offer services such as movies, internet access and videogames direct into guests rooms. In 1999 VDA started to expand into the international market. Now with a team of over 120 the company has a presence throughout Europe, Africa, Middle East and Far East.

The market of hospitality
VDA’s expansion and investment in new technology meant that they now boast a large portfolio of technologically advanced solutions and a commercial network of sales partners and distributors. With this in mind VDA wanted to implement a system that would allow them to organise all of their sales and marketing activities into a centralised system. “Until recently, we relied on reports drawn up by managers in each office,” says Product Manager Stefano Brenelli. “Our primary goal was to be able to feed sales information back to headquarters quickly and reliably,” This would make it easier for management at HQ to report on and track sales activity. “Maximizer CRM meets this requirement as it gives all our staff across different offices access to the same information,” explains Stefano, “Today we are able to constantly monitor activities in progress as the all information we need is at our fingertips.”

VDA has divided staff into different user groups according to which department they belong to. This means that users have access to targeted information that is relevant to the duties they perform. For example, technical staff who look after customer service have free access to technical data, whereas sales staff have access to sales related information. This enabled staff to be more productive and time-efficient which has led to a significant increase in the quality of service that they can offer their customers.

This initial success prompted VDA to ask their Maximizer partner EagleProject to help them roll out Maximizer’s Marketing module. The pilot project, which started in Italy, has been extended to England and although still in its initial stages, they are already beginning to benefit from the ability to manage e-mail and marketing campaigns as well as many other actions tailored to each customer’s requirements.

For VDA, the adoption of Maximizer CRM has brought about an improvement in daily work processes. With information easily accessible, staff may perform their jobs availing themselves of all the information they may need to achieve targets and goals no matter where they are located. Maximizer CRM also allows VDA’s headquarters to be able to constantly monitor the businesses activity and measure how successful it is.

Within the luxury hotel arena VDA works with many hotel chains. With this in mind they have identified the next goal that Maximizer will help them to reach. It is fundamental when dealing with hotel chains that customer activity is coordinated so that managers across different VDA offices can see an overview of the various ongoing activities. They can then avoid any overlap that could be potentially harmful to their business. “This is a mistake that we cannot afford to make,” says Stefano. “With Maximizer we will avoid this as we are now able to connect the local data with the global.” All of this will enable VDA to further simplify their internal processes and service their key customers better than ever before.

What about the future?
VDA is already thinking of new developments for Maximizer CRM. The possibility of being able to objectively measure the success of prospect activities is the next step. “It will enable us to verify if and how activities are tracked and how effective they are,” Stefano explains. “With The hospitality sector and the demand for value added services growing at an unrelenting pace, we need to guarantee not only on-demand responses, but also maintain constant contact with our customers and an effective monitoring of prospect activities. Direct and real-time access to information is fundamental for us, and is one of the factors for success of our business activity.” With this in mind it is safe to say that Maximizer will guarantee VDA’s success for many years to come.