Xanadu Resort Hotel
Xanadu Resort Hotels

“For 3 years, we have been observing multiple CRM softwares. As Xanadu directors, right after the first demo, we decided that Maximizer CRM was the one.”
– Ismail Kasimi. Assistant General Manager, Xanadu Hotel & Resort

Company Information
Industry: Hospitality & Leisure
Location: Antalya, Turkey
Product: Maximizer CRM 10.5
Users: 20

Key Benefits:
Improved guest rate return
Up-to-date management of 100,000 contacts
Easy to use, flexible and reliable understanding of Customer Relationship Management
Elimination of multiple software confusion
Better communication skills

Xanadu Resort Hotel is a grandly scaled property, directly on the beach, in Belek village 50 km. away from Antalya, Turkey. Surrounded by the beauty of the nearby Taurus Mountains and the Turquoisecolored Mediterranean Sea, XANADU offers a High Class All Inclusive resort experience for the holiday of a lifetime. This very impressive resort has a grand presence with its commanding architecture and beautiful landscaped grounds and gardens.

With the presence of 420 luxurious rooms across the hotel, stunning villa type bungalows, ancient architecture and lush gardens, Xanadu Resort Hotel embraces its clientele with a relaxing, stress free environment far from the urban life. Xanadu Resort Hotel also offers a wide range of indoor relaxation techniques (Shang-Du Spa ~ A Touch From Heaven) as well as outdoor activities.

Frequent guests are given the opportunity to enter the High Class Club member; the exclusive guest loyalty programme of Xanadu Resort Hotel. Guests that are subjected to this Loyalty, receive a membership card that assures them of immediate recognition as a High Class Club member. Xanadu Resort Hotel presents 3 levels of membership: silver, gold and platinum consequently. These levels are determined by the member’s room night stay. Each level offers a different variety of High Class services exclusive to the High Class Club member.

Used Technologies
• Maximizer CRM 10.5 Professional Edition with 20 user licences.
• MaxMobile 10.5 for Blackberry with 10 user licences.
• MaxMobile 10.5 Wireless Synchronisation Server
• MaxExchange 10.5
• Corporate Workflow Automation Server 7.5 powered by Vineyard Software
• Corporate Workflow Automation Server 7.5 DB Upgrade
• Synergy: A framework, application development tool released by Advoco Solutions UK

Technologies and Functions
Being completely committed to its guests and knowing that the guest number is increasing day by day; Xanadu Resort Hotel was obliged to find a new technology to keep track of every little detail they would like to retain from their guests. For this matter, Xanadu Resort Hotel directors have contacted Promesa Information Technologies, partner of Maximizer CRM in Turkey. After the first demo, they decided that Maximizer CRM is the best solution for their project because it’s easy to use, reliable and flexible.

Departments Using Maximizer CRM:
• Front Desk
• Guest Relations
• Executive Officers
• Sales
• Agency Contract Officers
• Xanadu Club Membership officers

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for CRM project:
• Functional address book customised for resort management.
• Given gifts and club membership management
• Document management for inbound and outbound email messages which have been sent to guests and agencies
• Guest proposal-confirmation-reservation management
• Log book, comments and complaints management for guest relations department
• Complete data integration with market leader hotel management software Fidelio
• Dashboard with KPIs for executive team

Customising and Integrating the technology
One of Xanadu Resort Hotel’s main focuses is to manage the High Class Club Memberships. As mentioned before, there are 3 membership levels: silver, gold and platinum. Getting those membership cards require guests to acquire a certain amount of room nights in the hotel. With the developed triggers and stored procedures in MS SQL, the Xanadu Club Membership department systematically controls the journey duration, and calculates the overall nights of stay onto user defined fields.

Xanadu’s incentive sales department operates appropriately with the corporate profile and impersonally follows sales opportunities through Maximizer CRM. Information requests received via e-mail, website, phone calls and fax are being recorded to Maximizer CRM as sales opportunities.

In this period, the sales staff tracks every opportunity from the activities. A new module which was generated by Synergy tool allows the sales people to compose a proposal based on dates, number of adults, children, etc. When the guest response is received, the proposal is being noted as a confirmation by that module. Moreover, the payment activities are controlled by the same module; payment due date, information and validation of the credit card, etc. Confirmed reservations are forwarded from Maximizer to Micros Fidelio via Knowledge Sync. Workflow Automation module powered by Vineyard Software. Micros Fidelio is an enterprise solution for the hospitality industry providing central reservation management services and connections to worldwide distribution channels.

During the checking out process, guest information on the total night stays, total expenditure are automatically updated under the guest’s user defined fields at the address book. This function is achieved by Promesa Information Technologies with the help of SQL Server Triggers and Stored Procedures.

During the stay, guests’ personal preferences are recorded and saved under the user defined fields at the address book by the guest relations department. For instance, guests preferred newspapers, type of food and wine, etc. These user defined fields are not limited with these updates.

Promesa Information Technologies transferred the existing user defined fields, membership card numbers, personal notes, 106,000 address book entries, and 164,000 opportunity records from the year 2000 to present from the old system to the newly implemented Maximizer CRM.

In relation to Xanadu Resort Hotel’s customer loyalty program, the integration of the dashboard module puts forward a series of indicators emphasizing on the guests’ upcoming personal important information such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. As an example, one of the indicators presents the birthdays that will happen within 3 days.

Clicking on this indicator gives the executive officers details about those guests to give them a phone call to congratulate their special day. Moreover, personalised celebration emails are automatically sent. Also, guests that stay at the hotel during their birthdays or anniversaries are being offered a variety of surprises.

The choice of implementing Maximizer CRM to Xanadu Resort Hotel has tremendously changed a lot of key aspects in customer relationship management.

Future Projects
For the summer 2010 season, Xanadu Resort Hotel and Promesa crew have come to the conclusion to implement a brand new technique to satisfy Xanadu guests.

Whenever a guest demands something related to service, guest relations opens a case on it and assigns it to the corresponding field officer, by that way he/she will be able to track it via MaxMobile on Blackberry.

As soon as the guest request is satisfied, the corresponding staff closes the case and marks it as completed. Also, the same system used at Xanadu Resort Hotel in Belek Antalya will be implemented to their new facility in Bodrum which will have a grand opening in April 2010. Those group hotels will have data synchronisation with the usage of MaxExchange technology.