CRM in 2018

  The relationship between company and customer has changed somewhat drastically in recent years. With the radical shift towards subscription models, the world is leaning towards deeper customer connections and relationships. We are also now faced with more choice than ever before. The old approach to customer relationship management (CRM) for the most part generalised all customer journeys, but in doing so lost too much in the detail. The tools that were used to manage customer relationships have subsequently become more important than the actual creation of relationships. ... Read more

CRM for Managers

CRM for Managers By Nicole Whitehorn Maximizer CRM enhances your management skills while reducing time-consuming tasks which in turn will improve your company’s overall efficiency and effectiveness. With Maximizer CRM you can keep all of your documents, communications, tasks and appointments in one central database and focus on managing your customers. With CRM dashboards, managers can view real-time snapshots of company performance at any time. The dashboards allow you to see results at a glance, displayed in charts, gauges or thermometers and you can ... Read more

Selecting and Implementing Successful CRM

Selecting and Implementing Successful CRM. By Shabana Reddy. If not chosen or implemented well, a CRM system may feel more like an expensive mistake than a useful tool. A CRM system is a software tool that helps manage interactions with constituents. To be successful, a CRM system must track and report information about the people you engage with in a way that helps you further your goals. For this reason, an organization’s specific needs and workflows must be a critical factor when selecting and ... Read more

What is CRM?

What is CRM? By Mark Annett. CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is a company-wide business strategy designed to reduce costs and increase profitability. If customer relationships are the heart of business success, then CRM is the valve that pumps a company's life blood. CRM can brings together information from all data sources within the organisation, as well as from outside if needed, to give one, holistic view of each customer in real time. This allows customer-facing employees, mainly in such areas as sales, marketing ... Read more

Cloud VS On Premise – how do I decide?

Cloud VS On Premise – how do I decide? By Nelia Roberts. Again last week I was face to face with a client asking – are we actually ready for cloud computing? My immediate response would have to been “of course we are”. Why would you ask such a question? Is it safe though?, they asked And who looks after it? What if another cable goes missing and we don’t have internet? What about speed issues? Well, of course it is a battle between environmental issues and user reactions ... Read more

Maximizer CRM Adoption

Maximizer CRM Adoption. By Mark Annett. In a recent independent study on CRM user systems adoption rates, Maximizer CRM came out on top. Interestingly, the main reason was the look and feel. Users felt that out of all the systems they were exposed to Maximizer was the most intuitive and the least intimidating of all 6 leading CRM systems tested. Maximizer`s Following Window technology flows seamlessly from one function to the other. Navigation using the icon bar is as natural as changing gears ... Read more

Why is CRM important?

Why is CRM important? By Nelia Roberts. I’ve seen many clients over the past 10 years of being in the CRM business and very often it seems that when you first approach them they have “no need” for a CRM system until they actually see what its capabilities are. Typically the marketing department starts things off to bring the leads in, sales people take over to bring in the sales and then the customer services personnel look after the rest, until sales bring in ... Read more

General To-Do’s when using Maximizer CRM

General To-Do’s when using Maximizer CRM The following is a short list of useful to-do’s when it comes to managing your Maximizer CRM database efficiently: Ensure that you have few mandatory fields. This way staff won’t run from capturing information. Information fields: User Defined Fields: Before creating them ensure you know how you want the information out of your database. Ensure you have set up all system fields correctly before getting staff to use the system: System Category fields, Account Manager, City/Town, Province, Country, Lead ... Read more

The benefits of using a CRM tool

The benefits of using a CRM tool. By Shabana Reddy. The question shouldn’t be ‘Should I use a CRM tool’ but rather ‘What can a CRM tool do for me’. Many businesses find their own benefits and they often find that the benefits highly outweigh the costs of implementing a CRM tool. It usually takes time to get the system up and running but the end results are certainly worth the effort. A CRM system will typically record all interaction for every contact, be ... Read more

Why should I use Maximizer

Why should I use Maximizer. By Sue Denton. Maximizer is a Customer Relationship Management tool that I’ve found to be very user-friendly (I learnt it in 2 weeks – enough to train the other users in our business). It’s easy to follow, interactive and easily accessible (desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet). Its functionality also suits all types of industries, whether you’re a small, medium or large enterprise and it is easily customisable even though it is an out-of-the-box system. I would recommend trying it out ... Read more