Impact of IoT on CRM

The Internet of Things (IoT) is defined as an Internet development in which everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data. Daily objects, from wearable devices such as smart watches, to appliances like refrigerators, to cars, are now equipped with sensors that can connect to the internet, creating a fully connected world. These devices also send and receive data and share updates via the internet with other devices. CRM providers would like to take this opportunity by ... Read more

How a CRM system improves your marketing strategy

Both small and large organisations are competing for much the same market these days and the most innovative and proactive marketing campaigns can result in new business. A company’s survival and certainly its growth is usually very much dependent on smart marketing efforts (in addition to financial operations among other functions) within the organisational structure. Maximizer CRM helps companies to stay organised, engage with prospects, improve contact management and boost company productivity - all from one centralised system. Here are five ... Read more

5 Ways to prevent a data breach in your CRM system

Modern CRM systems are crucial to the success of an organisation and the CRM data now typically holds every aspect of your business’ information. Sales data, customer data and corporate intelligence are all usually stored in such a database. A data breach to your CRM system could be devastating to your organisation’s reputation and customer trust. If not properly protected, hackers can exploit this data in a number of ways, including: ID and personal information theft Fraud Bank account compromises Corporate/competitive espionage  ... Read more

3 Effective solutions to the security risks around BYOD

Our increasingly digitised way of life has lead to cloud computing becoming the norm. With today’s workforce becoming more mobile, the need for employees to have remote access to their ‘work desktop’ is constantly on the rise and remote access to critical business applications that include privacy-related business data, put the company’s overall security at risk. Smart devices with access to company emails, services or data are ever more vulnerable to data breaches and smartphone malware attacks. Data is also often the ... Read more

3 Tips to properly manage your sales pipeline for your business

Sales pipeline management is the tracking and management of every sales opportunity through every stage to a successful close of a sale. Without proper management, you could be missing out on profitable opportunities. Over time, poor pipeline management can also cause inaccurate sales forecasting, which negatively affects critical planning information such as resource allocation and budgeting. Inaccurate and poorly managed sales pipelines can eventually lead to the demise of a business. Here are three tips to help you to effectively create and manage your sales ... Read more

4 Customer service tips to help improve client relations

Customer service is a challenging field to work in, needing just the right combination of communication skills and technical product knowledge to deliver a great experience. There is always something your support team can do to improve the processes involved in customer service and the following are four tips to help achieve this:   Focus on the needs of the customer Support consultants should be just as invested in a customer’s situation as the customer itself. Rather than looking for shortcuts or quick-fixes, support ... Read more

CRM dashboards for your business

Business dashboards are an effective tool that provides accurate insights into your sales and marketing performance. They are easy to access, simple to read and a great way to see how each department in the business is performing. Dashboards can track the data from various sources that is important to you and presents that information in an easy-to-understand view, allowing for you to properly manage your company data and easily convert it into metrics that are important to key team members.   Employees ... Read more

Cloud integration for your business

With so many platforms from which to optimise your business, cloud integration allows you to combine multiple cloud-based systems into a single platform. By breaking down these software silos, cloud integration lets you access and manage applications and data from different software systems all in one place. Here are three ways cloud integration can benefit your business:   Remote usage Working in the cloud increases employee mobility by allowing them to work anywhere via smart phones and other devices.   Always-on availability The connection is always ... Read more

4 Ways to protect your CRM data from hackers

CRM systems enable businesses to build strong customer relationships, find new prospective customers and drive up revenues. CRM systems, though, also contain so much customer data and present themselves as a potential goldmine for hackers. If your CRM data is compromised, it can destroy the trust that your customers have in your company and potentially cause harm to your business. Here are four ways you can protect your CRM data from hackers:   Choose a trusted vendor All established CRM providers will have ... Read more

How lost-sales analysis benefits your business

Performing a lost-sales analysis is one of the best ways to identify where improvements to your sales strategy are needed. Sales people tend to celebrate first before trying to understand why they won so they can replicate their success.  There is much more to be learned from losing, yet most sales people do not take the time to gather accurate and meaningful information from prospects to learn from their losses.   Most small companies do not track lost sales and are consequently unaware ... Read more
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