4 Reasons why manufacturing companies need CRM

  The manufacturing industry has undergone some fairly dramatic transformations in recent years, evolving from a more basic customer-based demand models into more customer-centric operations. For this reason, the industry undeniably has its own set of requirements for a CRM solution. At the forefront is a sales organisation, but behind the scenes is an entirely other type of organisation consisting of precision manufacturing, raw materials, supply chain and inventory management, among other things. In these dynamic times, the role of Customer Relationship ... Read more

CRM in 2019

  The customer relationship management (CRM) industry has certainly evolved over the last couple of decades. For many years, companies used a variety of tools to attract and retain customers, often without any real strategy to manage these goals. And the need for driving sales has shifted focus onto real engagement and creating more lasting relationships with customers and prospects. With so many advancements in CRM being made every year, here is what you can expect to see more of in the ... Read more

3 Ways the Internet of Things influences marketing for your business

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly rising and constantly revolutionising the way we use technology, showing great promise of new possibilities and opportunities that will improve the way we live.  The way we are now able to share information through everyday ‘things’ or devices over a network is changing the way we connect with the world around us.   Gartner has indicated that almost 26 billion devices of all kinds will be connected through the IoT by 2020. IoT devices help to ... Read more

Protect your CRM data from hackers

CRM systems have become one of the pivotal aspects of how a company implements its processes. They are more than just organisational tools. They also serve as an aid for maintaining good relationships with customers, as well as finding prospective clients, collectively generating revenue for a business.  Considering the fortress of information that the average CRM systems have become, it is potentially a perfect target for hackers to exploit. If the CRM data that your company hosts gets into the wrong hands, ... Read more

6 Tips on how to keep macro-based malware away

6 Tips on how to keep macro-based malware away By Anthony Cowie In the past few months the data security company F-Secure has detected that attackers are distributing malware through Microsoft Office documents again, something that hasn’t been done on a major scale since the early 1990’s when they first appeared. These corrupted documents will typically ccontain malicious macros. The macros are basically scripts embedded in files that are used to automate tasks in Microsoft Word or Excel and are normally very useful, ... Read more

The difference between security and privacy

The difference between security and privacy By Anthony Cowie All businesses need to be very careful not to leak people’s private data. Not only will they lose customers and negatively impact their revenues but they will also be breaking the law. When it is found that a company has leaked people’s data, their reputation is immediately damaged, affecting their bottom line. We all know how challenging it is to gain trust from customers. Once this trust is lost, you’ll have to work 100 times ... Read more

Cyber security

Cyber security By Anthony Cowie The difference between a cyber-attack and the usual online attack is not the tool used but the target and the effect of the attack. A DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack against a Minecraft server is harmful to its target but this does not mean it is a cyber-attack as such. A DDoS attack against a bank that crashes or, credit card processing systems and ATM network is known as a cyber-attack. Cyber-attacks are not about how harmful the ... Read more

F-Secure Freedome for Business- better security for the BYOD trend

F-Secure Freedome for Business- better security for the BYOD trend/h1> Employees will often want to use any device, as long as it gets the job done, putting their and the company’s security at risk. This is where bring-your-own-device (BYOD) comes into play. Freedome for Business, a new service launched by F-Secure, gives companies the best of both worlds by offering them a single service that meets the security needs of companies, as well as the flexibility demands of employees. Freedome for Business is ... Read more

Patch Management

Patch Management By Anthony Cowie Patch management is what every business needs to consider. Adobe Flash Player released Common Vulnerability Exposure (CVE) files at the end of January and again in February. This made users anxious and they wondered when the next bug release would occur. The level of CVE reports/ bug-vulnerabilities is actually growing and it’s not just Windows that is affected but the Mac OS also has also experienced its own number of vulnerabilities over the years. Are businesses doing enough to ... Read more

Why do you need the best business protection?

Why do you need the best business protection? By Anthony Cowie   You might ask: why buy endpoint protection, when Microsoft offers a free solution? The answer is simple: free security solutions just do not protect your company! Online security today is more of a threat than ever before. Malware is increasing at a rapid rate with new attackers emerging regularly. F-Secure’s Lab statistics received 350 000 new malware and PUA (Potentially Unwanted Application) samples per month on average during 2014. Business protection against online threats should not ... Read more
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