How CRM systems can boost marketing campaigns

  There are still marketers out there who work with lists of customer and prospect information on spreadsheets and use Outlook for mass distribution of emails to them. These tools are really not sufficient when wanting to be really efficient in your marketing efforts. Here are three ways a CRM system can help your marketing efforts and give you more effective campaigns:   Segmentation Do you know how many customers you have in each district or how many prospects you have in your sales pipeline? Dividing your ... Read more

CRM in 2018

  The relationship between company and customer has changed somewhat drastically in recent years. With the radical shift towards subscription models, the world is leaning towards deeper customer connections and relationships. We are also now faced with more choice than ever before. The old approach to customer relationship management (CRM) for the most part generalised all customer journeys, but in doing so lost too much in the detail. The tools that were used to manage customer relationships have subsequently become more important than the actual creation of relationships. ... Read more

Do you know if you’re NOT all that good when it comes to selling?

By Suzanne Burgess   Being aware of what you’re not good at in the sales process is an excellent starting point for future self-development. For example, a few years ago I was battling with conducting a thorough needs analysis when in front of a prospective client. I always felt a little on the back foot in these situations. It was only when I recognised this shortcoming and set about researching some techniques, working on my approach and mentally preparing a comprehensive list of questions ... Read more

Tame your database

  Most businesses understand that company data is pivotal to their organisation, whether it’s the data gathered on customer profiles that your marketers use, customer service insights, product or HR performance information, or supplier data. In more recent times, modern businesses are bombarded with such data, collected from a greater range of customer touch-points than ever before. It is crucial to identify what proportion of data is useful. Here are four quick tips for filtering your data so that you can achieve the ... Read more

5 tips for selecting the perfect domain name

Choosing the perfect domain name is just as hard as choosing a company name. A lot of thought and consideration is required when taking this step. Your domain name is your identity on the web so you want to choose a name that not only suits your business, but is has to be easy to find and even easier to endorse. Here are five tips to consider when picking the perfect domain name for your business:   Easy to type Short, simple words ... Read more

3 Ways the Internet of Things influences marketing for your business

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly rising and constantly revolutionising the way we use technology, showing great promise of new possibilities and opportunities that will improve the way we live.  The way we are now able to share information through everyday ‘things’ or devices over a network is changing the way we connect with the world around us.   Gartner has indicated that almost 26 billion devices of all kinds will be connected through the IoT by 2020. IoT devices help to ... Read more

Video Marketing for your business

  Videos are being watched a great deal more than articles are being read online in recent times. Businesses that are able to utilise this method will be one step ahead from the rest. All of the developments around video marketing foresees a new age where digital videos will be more important for the success of business owners. Consumers’ general preference for video forced many companies to adjust their content strategies to include video content.   People watch video content more frequently than what ... Read more

Is your marketing campaign reaching its expiration date?

  Many of us implement new campaigns with high hopes, only to see poor results right off the bat. It’s important to know that not all marketing efforts will guarantee positive results for your particular product or service. It's also important to be able to acknowledge defeat when a campaign just isn't working, and move on.   When launching a new marketing campaign, you should always be on the look-out for positive improvements that can contribute to your overall marketing goal. How do you ... Read more

What impact do your sales meetings really have?

  By Suzanne Burgess   Most sales managers agree that their weekly sales meeting sets the tone for the week ahead, so perhaps there is something that is influencing your sales team's state of sales mind - either positively or negatively. How do you feel about your sales meetings? Are they generally positive and upbeat? Do you use the meeting as an opportunity to solve problems and recognise success, or is the meeting attended somewhat reluctantly, knowing it's just going to be another 'beating'? Is ... Read more

First-time buyer fears and what to do about it

  There are many reasons why prospects don't buy your particular brand, but just one is enough to kill a sale. If you can foresee these objections and prepare for them, you'll sell more. The behaviour that salespeople exhibit can also drive down their performance. There is a vast disconnect between how people sell and how humans make buying decisions. To make matters worse, the way most salespeople are taught to sell is grounded in selling, not buying. This does not look good ... Read more
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