5 Call features to enhance your sales team’s performance

    The nature of sales has evolved in recent times due to much technological advancement that salespeople and customers alike can benefit from.  Evidently in recent times, sales teams spend more time onsite contacting leads through calls, emails and social media, with only a few face-to-face encounters shared between them. While sales professionals often have their own approach towards closing deals, verbal calls still prove to be an effective way advancing through a sales pipeline. Here are five features to look for when choosing ... Read more

CRM in 2019

  The customer relationship management (CRM) industry has certainly evolved over the last couple of decades. For many years, companies used a variety of tools to attract and retain customers, often without any real strategy to manage these goals. And the need for driving sales has shifted focus onto real engagement and creating more lasting relationships with customers and prospects. With so many advancements in CRM being made every year, here is what you can expect to see more of in the ... Read more

3 Trends to look out for in the Next Mobile Economy

  People around the world access the internet from their mobile devices more than from their desktop. Mobile isn’t just the centre of consumer activity, but it is also increasingly where work is being done. It is now possible to ditch your laptop and do all your work on a single device. The Next Mobile Economy, an era defined by the increase in mobile use, will separate businesses into those that thrive by embracing an open system and those who suffer by ... Read more

Maximizer CRM 2019 is here!

  The new Maximizer CRM software release for 2019 has been designed to empower users with eliminating tedious tasks and allowing them to focus on what matters most; their customers. This release brings advanced lead management, custom views and mobile CRM capabilities to its All-In-One CRM platform, enabling companies of all sizes to truly embrace customer success. This version of Maximizer has been developed to the growing need for predictable revenue growth by making everyday sales, marketing and service tasks as efficient and ... Read more

Cloud vs On-premise

  The debate over cloud vs on-premise software is still a hot topic. Comparing the two is a bit like the apples to oranges comparison cliché. However, there is in fact  no straight answer on which is more efficient. The answer depends on the system under consideration and the factors at play specific to your business. An on-premise solution is hosted on your own server or data centre. People used to get on-premise software from a CD or flash stick. On-premise software used to be ... Read more

CRM in 2018

  The relationship between company and customer has changed somewhat drastically in recent years. With the radical shift towards subscription models, the world is leaning towards deeper customer connections and relationships. We are also now faced with more choice than ever before. The old approach to customer relationship management (CRM) for the most part generalised all customer journeys, but in doing so lost too much in the detail. The tools that were used to manage customer relationships have subsequently become more important than the actual creation of relationships. ... Read more


Mobilegeddon By Kélyn Donough In February this year Google announced that they were planning to release a new algorithm designed to reward mobile-friendly web pages which they did do on 21 April 2015. The new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm now gives websites a boost in Google’s mobile search results if they have the necessary mobile criteria deemed important by Google. The change took about a week to complete with many people calling the date of the update by a variety of names, such as Mobilepocalyse ... Read more

How to send an SMS on the new web SMS component

How to send an SMS on the new web SMS component By Julie Rodney 1. Login to Maximizer Web Access 2. Click on Addressbook 3. Search Your contacts that you want to send SMSs too (as below) 4. Click on Actions on the top menu and select bulk SMS 5. The Bulk SMS screen will open as below 6. On the Merge fields, select the ones you want to display in your message 7. In the SMS Message block, type you message 8. Click on preview messages to see the ... Read more

CRM for Managers

CRM for Managers By Nicole Whitehorn Maximizer CRM enhances your management skills while reducing time-consuming tasks which in turn will improve your company’s overall efficiency and effectiveness. With Maximizer CRM you can keep all of your documents, communications, tasks and appointments in one central database and focus on managing your customers. With CRM dashboards, managers can view real-time snapshots of company performance at any time. The dashboards allow you to see results at a glance, displayed in charts, gauges or thermometers and you can ... Read more

The mobile web and your business

The mobile web and your business By Kélyn Donough There is no doubt that the mobile web has grown at a substantial rate. It is estimated that there are 6 billion mobile phones around the world, of which 75% are in developing countries. This has led to an increase in web searches on mobile and has changed the way organisations do marketing. With the use of smart phones, consumers are able to access information on the web whenever and where ever they are. Due ... Read more
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