Telephone etiquette in 2019

Phones are great for providing immediate support for simple and easy-to-fix issues. Answering phone calls requires strong communication skills when representing your brand in a frontline position. The objective is to always remain positive and friendly, especially in the face of negativity. Here are four essential tips to ensure that you're always being attentive and professional:   Promptly answer calls Be alert and at your phone at all times. It's recommended to answer within three rings in order to prepare for the call. ... Read more

3 Ways to get your prospect’s attention

Buyers in today’s society are busier than ever before. For a sales rep to connect with a prospect, they must supersede all the other tasks and priorities and convince the buyer to put everything else down and listen to them. There is a critical difference between coming across as amateurish versus being sincerely curious. When reps take the role of a curious student rather than an informed expert, buyers are much more inclined to engage. Here are three ways to grab ... Read more

5 Dos of Social Selling

Social selling is all about leveraging your social network in order to find the right prospects, build trusted relationships and achieve your sales goals. In order to successfully sell on social networks, you’ll need to know exactly what customers want to see, how and when they want to see it, whilst maintaining a clear direction towards your own social media goals. Here are 5 ways to ensure that all objectives are met when selling on a social platform: 1. Clear and concise ... Read more

Do you know if you’re NOT all that good when it comes to selling?

By Suzanne Burgess   Being aware of what you’re not good at in the sales process is an excellent starting point for future self-development. For example, a few years ago I was battling with conducting a thorough needs analysis when in front of a prospective client. I always felt a little on the back foot in these situations. It was only when I recognised this shortcoming and set about researching some techniques, working on my approach and mentally preparing a comprehensive list of questions ... Read more

What impact do your sales meetings really have?

  By Suzanne Burgess   Most sales managers agree that their weekly sales meeting sets the tone for the week ahead, so perhaps there is something that is influencing your sales team's state of sales mind - either positively or negatively. How do you feel about your sales meetings? Are they generally positive and upbeat? Do you use the meeting as an opportunity to solve problems and recognise success, or is the meeting attended somewhat reluctantly, knowing it's just going to be another 'beating'? Is ... Read more

First-time buyer fears and what to do about it

  There are many reasons why prospects don't buy your particular brand, but just one is enough to kill a sale. If you can foresee these objections and prepare for them, you'll sell more. The behaviour that salespeople exhibit can also drive down their performance. There is a vast disconnect between how people sell and how humans make buying decisions. To make matters worse, the way most salespeople are taught to sell is grounded in selling, not buying. This does not look good ... Read more

What state of sales mind are you in?

  By Suzanne Burgess   Are you on top of your sales target, feeling happy and positive about your current business opportunities or are you stuck in a rut about how to generate new leads or close those deals which have been pending for months? If it's the latter, then it's time to THINK differently and DO differently! Half of the problem of getting into a sales rut is the feeling that despite what you think are your best efforts, you're just spinning your wheels. This ... Read more

Do You Sell Shallow or Deep?

  By Suzanne Burgess Whilst some salespeople are simply too laid back to care, most salespeople who stay in the shallow water do so because they lack confidence at some point in the sales process. Shallow selling, i.e. just doing the bare minimum without too much personal effort is pretty easy. That’s when you go to see a client and sell them the easiest “solution” you have available – perhaps your entry-level sales offering. You know how to sell it, the client is already ... Read more

Does your company’s sales strategy allow for collaboration?

  By Suzanne Burgess Many entrepreneurs collaborate with other non-competing companies to generate sales and add value to their clients. When values align and mutual trust and respect exists, it sets the stage for extremely successful joint ventures and long-term relationships. This formula will work for salespeople. Discuss whether your sales environment supports creative collaboration and if you are all truly reaping the benefits of joint venture possibilities that are out there. Are you missing out because you are closing the door on potential ... Read more

A practical method to alleviate the Sales & Marketing disconnect

Sales and marketing departments in most organisations are two separate bodies, yet they should both maintain one common goal. A successful organisation should be able to combine the strengths of the separate departments to achieve the same outcome. The main focus of every organisation is to increase revenue in the business. However, there are certain aspects that hinder the respective departments in achieving this common goal.   The sales team does not always use the resources created by its marketing department in a ... Read more
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