Video Marketing for your business

Videos are being watched a great deal more than articles are being read online in recent times. Businesses that are able to utilise this method will be one step ahead from the rest. All of the developments around video marketing foresees a new age where digital videos will be more important for the success of business owners. Consumers’ general preference for video forced many companies to adjust their content strategies to include video content.   People watch video content more frequently than what ... Read more

5 tips for selecting the perfect domain name

Choosing the perfect domain name is just as hard as choosing a company name. A lot of thought and consideration is required when taking this step. Your domain name is your identity on the web so you want to choose a name that not only suits your business, but is has to be easy to find and even easier to endorse. Here are five tips to consider when picking the perfect domain name for your business:   Easy to type Short, simple words ... Read more

Advantages of augmented reality marketing

  Marketing typically consists of a range of strategies that companies use to help them sell their products or services to customers. This process usually begins with identifying who their target market is and it is then followed by a collaborative campaign that includes the strategies that work for their specific niche. A marketing campaign often also looks at how companies aim to fulfil their customers’ needs and build long-term loyalty. Augmented reality is one of the newer and more current forms of ... Read more

How to maintain your Google ranking organically

  Keeping your brand’s website on the first page in Google is not as easy as everyone thinks. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the name given to activity that attempts to improve search engine rankings. Keeping your website’s SEO in line with Google’s requirements will establish your brand as a “guru” and it will increase your visibility in search engine queries. Generating a consistent source of website traffic is the foundation of every online business. If you don’t have visitors coming to your ... Read more

4 Tips for effectively re-launching your website

  There comes a time when a business needs to revamp and re-launch their website. Keeping up with all the advances that influence your business contributes positively to your overall brand image. An outdated website sends the wrong impression to prospects when visiting your website. No consumer would spend money on a brand that is not current. Re-launching your website might seem overwhelming. Fortunately, here are some helpful tips to follow that will make your re-launch go smoothly:   Create a standard Before launching ... Read more

The Dangers of Social Media Scams

Scammers will use many different techniques to try to lure you into falling for their traps.   Impersonating victims or family members of a tragic event, selling souvenirs or memorabilia while claiming the proceeds go to charity, or posting photos and videos of the fake event are just a few ways that they target their victims. The motives are always the same: scammers try to exploit these stories for any kind of financial gain possible. You may have seen a fake videos ... Read more

6 Tips on how to keep macro-based malware away

6 Tips on how to keep macro-based malware away By Anthony Cowie In the past few months the data security company F-Secure has detected that attackers are distributing malware through Microsoft Office documents again, something that hasn’t been done on a major scale since the early 1990’s when they first appeared. These corrupted documents will typically ccontain malicious macros. The macros are basically scripts embedded in files that are used to automate tasks in Microsoft Word or Excel and are normally very useful, ... Read more

5 Keys to Unlocking the Power of Google Analytics

5 Keys to Unlocking the Power of Google Analytics By Kélyn Donough Today’s marketers need to know how the Google Analytics tool works in order to get the most out of optimizing their sites for search engines. This tool gives you insight into what sources were responsible for sending visitors to your site and then what those visitors did once on your site. The following definitions are useful in getting a better understanding about what the Analytics tool is reporting on. 1. The meaning ... Read more

How to keep visitors on your website, Part 6 of 6: Reader’s interactions

How to keep visitors on your website, Part 6 of 6: Reader’s interactions By Karmen Van Der Westhuizen Ideally you would want visitors to stick around on your website and this will only be done if you interact with them and tell them what to do next. Here are a few examples on how you could interact with your website viewers: • Encourage readers to read a specific post on your blog or website by linking it to the page they land on with ... Read more

How to send an SMS on the new web SMS component

How to send an SMS on the new web SMS component By Julie Rodney 1. Login to Maximizer Web Access 2. Click on Addressbook 3. Search Your contacts that you want to send SMSs too (as below) 4. Click on Actions on the top menu and select bulk SMS 5. The Bulk SMS screen will open as below 6. On the Merge fields, select the ones you want to display in your message 7. In the SMS Message block, type you message 8. Click on preview messages to see the ... Read more
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